Prime7 & GWN7 Local News


Plus some screenies…


Thanks for the caps.

The regional temps need more of a “flyover” type element - badly.
Just listing the locations is sooo very 90s.
Didn’t they use to have this?

And it looks plain wrong to have the southern locations at the top (northern end of the map). That needs to be other way around - badly.

No complaints about the fonts or anything else though.


That looks like they really need to give him another minute or two - seems to be rushing through it and still seems to run out of time.

Do they always use a Gold Coast 7 day forecast? Seems an odd choice.


I could understand putting the Gold Coast as part of the North Coast’s “Today’s/Tomorrow’s Temperatures” section (since it’s probably a popular business or pleasure destination for NSW North Coast residents), but I agree that it’s an odd choice for it to be the main/only location used for the seven day forecast!

Since most of the full bulletin areas cover more than one main town, I personally think the weather segments of Prime7 Local News would benefit from including seven day forecasts for three key locations just like the weather segments on Nine/NBN - probably a more efficient use of airtime than going through the next three days across the viewing area as well.


Weather Updates:


Thanks for the caps.

It doesn’t look like much thought has been given to the order of towns on some of them.

Wagga Wagga and Albury next to each other is fine, but then Coonabarabran and Condobolin ???

And Thredbo above Sydney?? :scream:


Wagga weather:

National weather:


Some updates:


Ironically the bulletin doesn’t even air on the Gold Coast.


And if you’re on the Gold Coast and wanted to watch news from a Seven affiliate multiplex, you have no choice but to go home early at 5.30 for local news on 7 or just settle for either the Sydney (for Prime) or Brisbane (for 7GC) news at 6.


You do know that there are plenty of places on the Southern Gold Coast that can also receive the Mt Nardi transmitter quite easily? Why wouldn’t you, especially to take advantage of daylight saving in the summer months?


ACT Budget:


Some more graphics:


Perhaps proving that the Sports segments are recorded earlier than the news segments at Prime7, Liz Gwynn only presented the Sports segments on most of last night’s Prime7 Local News bulletins (except for the North West version which is probably done live) before going home sick.

Madelaine Collignon presented news in the Southern NSW regions (presumably before going off to another studio to present Prime7 News at 6.30pm), while Kurravi Piggott presented the local news for the North West/Coast + Sport for the North West.


Makes sense to do local sport first as there’s less likely to be breaking sport news that needs to be included in that segment.


On Wednesday night on NBN News Mid North Coast:

For comparison to the above, here’s Prime7 Local News’ rundown on the North Coast that same night, thanks to YouTube:

Segment 1

  • William Tyrrell search at Kendall (Samantha Crowe) - includes cross to reporter at Port Macquarie Police Station
  • A Casino woman sentenced to 2 years jail for faking cancer (Mitchell Sariovski) - includes cross to reporter from the Lismore bureau
  • Man missing at Woodburn (Michael Sariovski)
  • A former Taree obstetrician found guilty of professional misconduct - cross to Isabel Moussalli at Manning Hospital in Taree.
  • Grafton political candidate (Skye Carle)

Segment 2

  • A former SES regional controller calling for mandatory sentencing for emergency workers (Liz Penny)
  • Coffs Harbour Jetty sculpture (RVO)
  • Mid Coast Council to decide on whether to restrict holiday letting (RVO)


I visited my in-laws in the Central West and saw a Prime 7 News advert with the “hosts” saying

“we care about the local region”

It appears the folks at Prime7 care about the local region as long as you aren’t in the Gold Coast, Newcastle, Canberra or Wollongong/South Coast Regions


Don’t forget most of Regional VIC (exc Albury/Wodonga) too.


It should be

“We care about SOME of the local regions”