Prime7 & GWN7 Local News


From what I’ve heard the new GWN7 News is now switched out of a studio control room via a Director in Canberra.


I suspected this was the case, as I noticed Noel and Shauna missed their cues a couple of times since the move. I hope the local control room staff and camera operators were redeployed somewhere else!


I’m assuming this is done via some fibre link right?

I never knew that long distance control was even possible!


Ten’s Perth (and Adelaide?) news is controlled from Melbourne I believe


Correct. Ten News Perth and Adelaide control room is in Melbourne. I’d say the cameras are sent via high speed DVN or they might use a cheaper method of encoding/decoding if there was a delay.


And I think Seven’s control room for ALL 6pm bulletins is in Melbourne.


No, the local capital cities all have a control room and handle their own bulletins.

You may be thinking of BCM, which controls all of Seven’s broadcast output nationally (except 7flix) but that has nothing to do with production of individual news bulletins.


From what I understand at 7Perth, full studio control can be done from BCM if required (this is probably true for all 7 network studios with robotic cameras), but as eddel stated, the local capitals normally control their own bulletins.


With the change to the openers on the local bulletins, I was wondering whether they might be in HD now.

Here are caps from the Wagga Wagga bulletin last night. The quality looks slightly better, but not HD.

No change to the opener on the 6:30 bulletin:

The news pop up in HD for not the local news and Seven News:


It looks like they’ve also changed the opener on the noodle updates:



There was no control room staff. All the reporters were manning the panels. Everyone there doing 2/3 jobs at a time so I don’t think there would have been any losses. Shoestring already!


Didn’t know that. Not surprised though


Wollongong updates:



A shame to loose the real studio set up - the in person banter is what gives Prime7 the edge. The chemistry between Kenby and Mads is what keeps me tuned in to the Dubbo news from half-way across the planet!


Karl is on leave at the moment, with Liz Gwynn filling in.

Some guy is covering Liz on noodle updates. Didn’t catch his name.


Possibly Ryan Curran? A relatively new journalist at Prime7 Canberra, as far as I can tell.


Ryan has been at Prime7 for over a year as a Studio Director and earlier as a production assistant. He shifted to his current role last month


Ben Kimber is filling in for Liz this week.


You would think they could do a version of the promo without the Bridge in the background. As a former Canberran, this is incredibly jarring.

When I worked in Canberra, there was a vocal part of the population who tore strips off any Sydney bulletin purporting to tell Canberrans what’s what.

Admittedly though, there were three locally produced newscasts in those days, maybe people don’t care any more.


I agree that Seven/Prime7 probably should’ve done a version of the Promo Endtag with a more generic backdrop for regional areas, although at least the Sydney backdrop (sort of) matches what viewers would be seeing during the bulletin.