Prime7 & GWN7 Local News


I like that they are doing something different. Hope it looks good on-air! Are those cameras fixed? Would be a shame to not be able to pan out on closers


Prime7 News had new local imagery on the border buletin


Looks like it. You can see the shots (or what the background will be anyway) - without the desk or screen, and with some extra people at the end of this video.
Left screen is desk shot, right screen is weather screen shot.

First update from the new set is here:


Newsroom sets whilst interesting to look at are fraught with danger.


Not bad. Exact copy of Prime’s opener and graphics. The news room could do with some colour and lighting I think. Perhaps a red feature wall or a huge GWN7 logo in a lighter grey somewhere. I hope they continue to refine it and have a good play with their new digs!

Looking forward to this new era of Golden West News!


Spot on.

Say what you want about GWN News, but IMO GWN News (and Nine Gold Coast News) are two of the best local bulletins in Australia. Both bulletins have high quality presenters and a high quality product that backs them up. I think you really can’t get better with local news than Nine Gold Coast and GWN.

Nine regional, Prime7, WIN, 7QLD, NBN and Southern Cross SA, you should take a look and learn from GWN.


In time for the GWN7 Local News relaunch and marking (well, almost) one year since the graphics were first used, Prime7 Local News have updated their titlecards - making it the 3rd version used since the 13/2/2017 relaunch:

Judging by the YouTube uploads, Wagga still used the old version of the titlecard tonight (I presume that bulletin is recorded the earliest) although I’m sure they’ll be on board tomorrow or next week.

Also, the presenter shots have been updated for the 3rd or 4th (not sure if they updated the shots with Madelaine & Kenny for the version of the Opener used initially after Karl Lijnders replaced Guy Fenton) time:

It’d be interesting to hear whether or not Prime7 “National” News at 6.30 for Regional NSW has also had a titlecard update - they’ve used the same Opener since the 13/2/2017 relaunch if I’m not mistaken.


Live stream of GWN7 Local News launch has moved to here:


They need to add some coloured lighting (perhaps red) to the newsroom. Its way too plain.


Totally agree. A bit too officey for a news cast. Needs a red feature wall or something


You can rewind the current working live stream to see the opener :slight_smile:

I haven’t recorded this one, but will grab the late night repeat


Some simple LED lighting and dimming the lights in the newsroom would make a huge improvement…


Send that through to GWN!


@WAtvVideos Do you know if it was shown in HD?


now wish prime7 did local news here in Victoria :frowning:


Not sure, will have to check 7mate for updates and see.


Apologies for the quality, but I’ll get proper caps later tonight.


Nice new studio paired with horrible gfx package…



HD Promo