Prime7 & GWN7 Local News


What a relief.


In hindsight, they probably could’ve painted the state cutout a different colour or shade to the background panel to make it stand out :joy:


I reckon GWN7 will most likely have a physical set at their new studios but since it’s a local bulletin for Regional WA, expect something very basic compared to the sets used for metropolitan/national news services.

Probably, along with being known as “GWN7 Local News” as per Prime7 in the East.


all prime7 news facebook pages have updated there coverphotos that now include karl


I was lucky enough to head to the old site a few years ago.

The studios would have been in their prime (pardon the pun) in the 80’s and 90’s when GWN was at its peak being the sole commercial television operator outside of Perth producing local programming, one hour news, radio broadcasting (6TZ/CI/NA) and extending its television signal to cover the whole of WA with on air playout from Bunbury.

By 2015 sadly there was a lot of empty space with only news and sales taking up the building and memories of how it used to be. The back buildings were also leased to another business. Good to see that they’ve downsized to suit their current needs and looking forward to the new set tonight.


bit of a sneak peak


I was just about to post that :joy:, it appears to be a newsroom set. It’s worth noting that I think the set will look better once all the lighting is put on for tonight’s broadcast.


Yep, right on the nose @SydneyCityTV, says “GWN7 Local News” on the screen up there! :wink:

A newsroom set doesn’t sound like too bad of an idea, less is more sometimes :+1:


That screams tacky to me but then but what can you expect from a news service from the same state where they can’t even get the metropolitan news service right…


You know…as far as regional news sets go, that actually doesn’t look too bad judging by the preview clip.

But of course, I’ll reserve my full verdict until the bulletin goes to air (or in my case as an Eastern states city boy, on YouTube).


There’s a monitor viable away from the set too… Standing Presentation for the OST Graphics perhaps for the opener, and Noel switches back to the desk after? Though as I was typing this, it might only just be for weather, though there could be other usages depending on the story.


Still better than Seven News Perth.

Prime7 News should take a look at that and maybe implement that idea, it would be better than their ‘red-overload’ set.


Yeah the set actually isn’t too bad, it’s definately better than what Prime is offering which looks like it was printed on multiple exhibition banners


I agree, a welcome change, opting for a Newsroom-esque set than Prime7’s overload of red, which is the regional equivalent of Seven Melbourne’s new blue overload full screen graphics! :stuck_out_tongue: I hope Seven Perth does update their set eventually, theirs looks the most basic out of all of the other Seven News’ sets around the country.


Maresi as Vasilli would say :wink::wink:

I must admit, it reminds me of the newsroom set that 1 News has but this has some clean and new feel to it. The desk is a bit generic but overall it looks very clean and polished.


I think it’s the same one from the last set, still looks pretty good and doesn’t look dated considering they’ve had it for a while.


There’s a couple of other videos from the same user on YouTube which shows the old studio and new studio on moving day without the desk. The new desk and plasma look like the same ones out of the old studio.

New address is 62 Spencer Street, Bunbury. Some interior shots (pre-fitout) are available here:


Think we might see a preview of the set during the 4.00 News in Perth, as they usually do a cross to GWN7 for the Regional Headlines?


Is GWN just doing 1 bulletin for all of WA (sans Perth)? Does the ‘local news’ title really work though?


Yep, 1 bulletin for the entire state.