Prime7 & GWN7 Local News

Think that is to stymie old boy Bruce from swapping the NRN LCN’s away from 5 to 8.

Im not expecting any changes. Im hoping they keep the prime 7 and gwn 7 brand in its local news

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It’s been confirmed that it will be changing by the time of the Commonwealth Games. From what I have seen already 7 are keeping to their promise even the local newsrooms have emails now.

Just checked my TV guide and it appears that Prime7 news will not rebrand on July 1. However, some of you guys have speculated that it could happen on a Monday, which I won’t be surprised if this happens, considering the graphics and microphone socks were updated on a Monday.

Seven have set their own deadline of the Commonwealth Games, so there is no urgency to get this done today or tomorrow, although no doubt lots of work happening behind the scenes, which is how it should always be done. What you see is always the last piece of the puzzle.

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According to the TV guide, which can change at any time as we see every day with schedule changes and updates. What it says today isn’t gospel.

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“We are a national news service. There are only two markets we don’t win — Sydney, where, depending on the week we’re about 20,000 or 30,000 (average audience number) behind Nine, and Newcastle … where we don’t have a news service, but we’re thinking about launching one. But in every other market in Australia, Seven News is the dominant brand.”

James Warburton in The Australian commenting on Seven’s “unparalleled reach” into Australian households since acquiring Prime/GWN.

Sounds like Seven could be about to expand their news service into more regional markets.


Big news… Seven News Newcastle looks set to be in the works.


Interesting. I would assume if Newcastle got one, Wollongong and Canberra would also. Not sure about Bendigo, Ballarat, Gippsland, Shepparton and Mildura though. Do they launch a new bulletin, or keep relaying 7NEWS Melbourne in full with updates?

With ratings, Newcastle and Canberra will probably be beaten easily by NBN and ABC. In Wollongong and Regional VIC, that could be a different story, as all they have got is WIN News, which is a horrible mish-mash, plus 7 win easily in RVIC.

Paul Lobb making a return to TV too?

I’ve said for around 5 years now Newcastle is ripe for competition. With a market population of around 850,000 it’s by far the largest market in Australia with just 1 commercial news service.

Of course with Seven owning the station now it makes a lot more sense. The Nine/NBN bulletin is average at best.

Time for a shake up

A new player And some competition is exactly what Newcastle and NBN needs to raise the bar


That would be an absolute steal for Seven


Yea it would. And I’d say Seven and NBN know it.

I’m not sure he would pack up his life in Newcastle and move to Sydney for a gig.

It wouldn’t be produced in Newcastle?

Seems a bit “arrogant”. I wouldn’t say the Seven was the dominant news service in Melbourne or Brisbane or perhaps the Gold Coast.

Looking at the first 6 months of this year Seven is ahead in Melbourne by 3,000 and Brisbane by 2,000. In Brisbane Nine has won more survey weeks including the last.

They should’ve said Queensland.

I would say Seven was dominant in Regional Queensland, Adelaide and Perth but not any of the east coast metro markets.

I’ld be VERY surprised if they didn’t centralise it from their new digs in Refern. Their news department already runs on a shoestring budget, I can’t see them investing big money into another brand new facility just 150km up the road.


That’s fair. True true.