Prime7 and GWN7

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Some choppy audio editing there!


Is it just me or the audio on 7flix via Prime7 sounds terrible on some TVs?


Christmas IDs:


Nice that they’re doing more than Seven!


Big Bash lineup:

Big Bash billboard:


If those who live in regional markets could clarify, do the sponsor billboards for sport actually have any local sponsors? Or are they usually just a carbon copy of the metro (networked) partners/sponsors?

If the latter, wonder why they just don’t use Deeksy’s, other than being for some ‘ID’ thing?


Nine years ago this week since Prime surprise us with 7two just before Christmas, would be nice if they done the same with 7food.


I cannot comment for Prime, but on SC Nine the sponsor boards that they air before the NRL are for the exact same sponsors as the network coverage. I often wonder myself why they don’t just air the network version.


Is that a new VO artist?


More IDs:


Another sponsor lineup:


Hang on, Prime7 couldn’t find a “image” (read: clipart) for the cricket? They’re been using the same images for quite a while, so it’s pretty uncommon for Prime/GWN’s lineups to not have images on one of the channels!


I like how the Prime7 V/O adds his own ’synopsis’.

Also, Home Alone 3 (unlike the 2nd) never had any ‘add-on’ to the title :face_with_raised_eyebrow:



All Prime7 signposts have something on the second line - either a very brief description or a subtitle. Given HA3 didn’t have a subtitle, they’ve gone with a description, as evidenced by the lack of a semicolon at the end of the title.


They seem to like using ‘hit series’ for the description, then changing it to imaginative titles such as ‘hit comedy series’, ‘hit crime series’ etc :smirk:


Ha, yes. False advertising for the most part :slight_smile:


Though that was used in some of the advertising for the original release.


off topic slightly

It is a shocking installment anyway, following the first two! I mean Macaulay culkin was so big by 1993/1994, how many films did he do in those years alone. So he moved on but so too did viewers.


Hey Home Alone 4 is even worse than Home Alone 3!