Prime7 and GWN7

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It pretty much just sent the same message again after that. More proof the email address is sending robotic messages.


Are automated email replies a new concept for you? Amazing.


Welcome to customer service


Welcome to (a lack of) customer service
Automation in this area is very common and will not go away, but is is not preferred by customers, especially when there is no follow up by a real peerson.


If that email was sent to the network where I work, it would be laughed at, then straight to the bin.


You’re meant to use air mail yeah?


True but to get an automated acknowledgement of their feedback is not unusual by any means. I imagine Prime also hasn’t got a team of people monitoring the social media pages 24/7 especially on a weekend. Any comments received may just be bundled up and sent on to the relevant department on Monday. They’d be lucky to have the resources to personally respond to every piece of feedback received. And that’s not unique to Prime.


I’m pretty sure Prime isn’t the one with the problem here…


No. Under the Broadcasting Services (Primary Commercial Television Broadcasting Service) Declaration 2010 the primary service can be standard definition or high definition.



Prime7 just showed 3 minutes of Sydney news before switching to Melbourne


What watermark are they using on 7mate now?


Why switch to Melbourne? (Or are you assuming we’re all in Victoria?)


Well i am assuming the average mediaspy user could tell that i am in Victoria without mentioning it


I guess I’m not average then!

Time for a poll, are you average?

  • F**k average, I’m better than you all!
  • I am sadly average
  • I am so below average it isn’t funny.
  • This poll isn’t funny. Stop it. Stop it all of you, now.

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Prime7 had a “Grinch” themed ID. Was good. Was it a plaster job of Seven metro or their own one?


Here it is:


Have seen that one on Seven metro.


Prime7 aired a sponsored line up, with a sponsor billboard saying “these Prime7 programs are brought to you by”, followed by a Prime7 and 7flix line-up. Voiced by a woman, not the usual Prime guy.


The lineup:

Cricket Billboard: