Prime7 and GWN7

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Is that Seven bug in the same form and in the exact same position it would be in for the network’s sport broadcasts?


I’m thinking that which is making me wonder if its a glitch.


Not really. A bit off. Pretty sure the Live & Free | bit hasn’t changed position since these caps.


It’s a solid watermark… how much of Prime does Bruce own these days?


If I can add my 2 cents, the sponsor billboards for Seven metro have been all over the shop ever since traffic moved out of BCM to overseas a few months ago.

7Two, 7mate and 7flix regularly getting ‘red’ and weird ‘blue’ generic ones, sometimes voiced by Sarah Aubrey or the 7 younger guy (whereas Deeksy usually always does every billboard on every channel)…


I’ve been half expecting to see one of the metro networks buck convention and return the watermark to the bottom left to stand out from the crowd (as NBC has done in the US). It’s odd to see one in the top right for anything other than sport. I’ve always found the British watermark location (top right) to be the least obtrusive and distracting.


its a glitch as you would know if yiu normally watched prime7


That’s suspicious me don’t think it is a glitch now… And yes I think Bruce might be setting a trend


I was wrong. It has changed position since the Olympics version. So yes, it looks like Prime’s normal 7 sports watermark.


Sorry, it was meant as a joke but also being in Tas I don’t watch Prime7.

However in Tas there used to regularly on a weekend be the 7 watermark back when it was Southern Cross sometimes until well into the news however by the ad-break or second ad-break it would be resolved. Never one this long if it is still there.


This random “7” bug in question tonight, looks like the one Seven’s social media uses for the thousands of sport video/highlights uploads? With the events this year, there’ll literally be a million cap examples.

NB/ I’d guess it’s just a major error, as other cap examples uploaded show the “Prime7” still being used during other PRGs, promos, IDs, line ups. Never seen something quite like this though, hard as I’m in a metro market.

I wonder if it’s some kind of internal ‘identification’ logo, for the feeds/links MediaHub are being supplied directly from BCM?


The Australian reports John Hartigan is stepping down as non-executive chairman of Prime Media Group next year and retire to his property in the Hunter Valley.


Hartigan retired in 2011. Though after leaving News he was still effectively in full-time employment with multiple jobs. Maybe this time he will actually retire.


Prime7/7TWO Lineup 24/11/2018:


Nice pick up everyone. This is in fact one of the Sport bugs used by Prime and was unfortunately incorrectly scheduled, so is not part of an overall watermark update.


It’s odd seeing SCA contuining to refer Prime7 as “Prime Television”. I sent them a message about the “7Food Network promo showing on SCA Seven” thing (they pretty much show no 7flix promos), and here’s the reply I got:

“Hi Aaron
Thanks for your recent feedback.
Prime Television are the regional rebroadcasters of Seven Network programs in the ACT. You can contact them at
Thank you for taking the time to contact us.
TV Programming
Southern Cross Austereo”

My original message:

Hi SCA guys. It seems as the 7food network (Seven’s new channel focusing on food shows) promo is slipping through SCA’s Seven stations as i’ve heard on Media Spy). Are you guys actually going to launch the channel on LCN 64, or could you stop showing the promo? Love Aaron


Follow up to my previous post:

I contacted Prime7 about the SCA 7food network and QLD 7HD things, promising them to air the channel within a few months:

Hey, it’s Aaron here. SCA told me to go and talk to you. So a few months ago SCA changed their SCTV stations’ branding to a Seven one. The odd thing? They are forced not to show 7flix promos! However they accidentally got away with showing 7food network (Seven’s new channel that launched today) promos, so it might be a while before SCA discover this and end up launching it! I know they beat you and Seven Queensland to a HD simulcast, right, and Seven Queensland beat both you and SCA to 7flix and 7food network? In other news, on November 26, 2018 (happy 3rd birthday 9HD!) Seven Queensland launched a HD simulcast. The odd thing was, they went with replacing the main channel’s 3 SD feeds with MPEG-2 HD feeds (no HD mark) which i’m sure isn’t even legal! If you can launch 7food network soon enough (plus 7flix, 7HD and this for GWN7), then I will be happy. Love Aaron.

Even when I told them about launching 7HD (which became true) in December, I got this disapointing reply:

"Thank you for your email.

Due to the volume of emails we receive we are unable to individually
respond to every enquiry. Please don’t take it personally, because we do
value your comments and suggestions and your email will be forwarded to the
appropriate department.

Kind regards

So I gave them some advice:
“YOU KEEP SENDING THAT TO EVERYONE,? YOU DON’T EVEN REPLY TO LITERALLY EVERYONE! So help it by giving some time to reply to everything, and that means no copy-paste.”

So i’m just waiting for a reply now, not quickly…

EDIT; But then they sent it again. I just had to say, “Is a FUCKING ROBOT doing these messages?”


They don’t owe you a reply. If they have anything to announce then they will do so in due course


Why are you so intent on getting a reply via email? They’re humans too.

Call them if you want something desperately…


Also worth pointing out that swearing at them will decrease your chances that an actual human will want to reply to you