Prime7 and GWN7

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Only for movies. It would be nice if they added season/episode info for TV series.



When Seven included it in metro (which looked like it was automated from their internal system/guides as the style was cryptic looking), it was only in the extended info box when pressed, not the title.

Though they did have add-ons in the title with a hyphen (e.g.) “premiere”, “encore”, “live”, “new”, etc. Which also disappeared around the same time.
If you don’t check other guides, have a good knowledge or common sense, you now have to rely on Seven’s promos and PRG for such info.


Well then…


Ouch. For a moment I thought it was two PRGs playing over each other (which used to sometimes happen when an affiliate used a dirty feed). So a banner ad (what’s the technical term?? ran at the same time as the PRG?


The two versions of the Seven News Sydney promo, for non-bulletin NSW markets:


Just saw the full Prime7 version of Seven’s “New Home of Cricket” promo. The only change was a Prime7 logo at the bottom right rather than Seven’s, as they didn’t even change the people hitting the Seven logo or the endtag to feature the Prime7 logo!




I wonder if this could be the new ‘watermark’ for Prime7?


The Prime branding is still present in the pop ups.

Am I correct in remembering the Seven logo was introduced to Prime branding on a Saturday night?


Surprised no one at MH has noticed it yet.

Business as usual on GWN7.


It was a Sunday night to my recollection - straight after the news at 6:30.


Might be just a boo boo


Is this a way of phasing out the Prime branding but still having there a slightly different on air look to separate them from Seven own channels?


I think it may have been 6pm, but it was definitely a Sunday

Possible, but I don’t recall them ever putting a solid watermark up there in the past. Usually their watermark booboos involve not having one at all.

If they could make this one transperent it would be a huge improvement on the Prime one.


I think my above theory about a regional 7 could have merit. Just to mention 16th of January 2011 was the day the 7 branding was introduced.


Just had a sponsor billboard with a Deeksy voiceover - rarely hear those on Prime


i thiink media hub is having play out errors . on 7plus there s the transparent 7 logo


it was the 15th of january


What kind of watermark do they normally have on 7plus


the normal transparent 7 watermark