Prime7 and GWN7

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Isn’t 7flix on Prime a dirty feed?


Is it? As 7flix is controlled from the same facility as Prime, I would’ve thought that’d be the easiest to control/make individual/clean feeds of?


Maybe it is… I must be getting confused with the SCA 7 channels.


Pretty sure it’s dirty as the PRG is the exact same as Seven’s. Perhaps they’ve just now started doing promo banners? @Sully are promo banners normally on 7flix Melbourne?


Presumably Seven will shift the playout of 7flix from MediaHub to NPC Media at some point?


But that’s the thing, how would we know, as 7flix is identical (in general presentation) everywhere as its controlled (metro and regional) from the same facility.

They do use them, yes. But as is known, the picture quality isn’t crash hot.


Unless there was a written stipulation about potentially moving operations out of BCM one day, I’d guess MediaHub have it until their contract ends.

Otherwise couldn’t MH sue?


We’d know by seeing things on Seven’s 7flix that aren’t on Prime’s 7flix. Just because 7flix originates at MediaHub doesn’t mean they can’t pass on a dirty feed to Prime’s ‘side’ of the operation. For example, Sky News on WIN is a dirty feed of Sky News, both of which originate at MediaHub.


I don’t think it is, as I think 7flix is played out from Media Hub and sent down to Seven’'s playout facility in Melbourne. Prime7 use the clean original feed for themselves.

And as I’ve noticed that as a result, 7flix on Prime7 here in Newcastle is a few seconds ahead of Channel Seven Sydney.


Could be… but I’m fairly sure I’ve seen the “prime” in program pop ups on Flix, which usually are no wider than about one fifth of the screen. Last day or two I’ve seen the Seven ones that are a strip across the whole width of the screen.


Tinyyyyyyyy Ronan Keating…


Prime Flix use a dirty program feed from 7Flix and insert local content. All graphics that 7Flix use air on Prime and occasionally Prime will insert a localised banner.


Makes sense, thanks :slightly_smiling_face:



Daniel Radcliffe doesn’t look overly excited/happy in that shot!

When I’ve been in regional Prime markets the past year or two, something I have noticed is how many 7flix promos are played on the main channel, seemingly as fillers when switching into/out of the local commercial feeds.

In Melbourne metro, you’ll only see 7flix promos occasionally during early prime time (Seven News or Home and Away) or during a movie on the main channel (example "Twilight saga” in “Suicide Squad” the other night - probably a target demographic thing happening there too, which makes sense).

You also see 7flix PRG promotions (second transition) on the main channel, again usually in such aforementioned programs.


“double-decker” PRG:

Meanwhile on Seven…


HD logo used for the Cricket Promo:


On GWN7, The Chase airs half an hour early at 4.30pm. For some reason the EPG title always contains other bits. I never see season numbers or subtitles on other show titles. Does this happen in other Prime regions? I wonder if them breaking away from the TVW schedule is the cause of it and how it happens?



This is what Seven got rid of in metro markets a year or so ago and wish they didn’t!

I want to know if a program of a “repeat” or not. I want to know the year. I want to know cast info. And on the quick as and easily accessible TV EPG etc!

I know Southern Cross services include extra info.


I like the extra info as well, but it’s a bit messy cramming it all into the title.

In GWN7’s case, it’s as though they’re using an internal title from their playout system rather than a cleaned up one. If The Chase had a PRG I bet it would use the same title.