Prime7 and GWN7

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Agreed. It’s almost inevitable that local stations will become more genericized. People will complain that they’ve become no more than rebroadcasts of network feed, but isn’t that what the metro stations already are to Sydney? Local news is the clincher, more so in markets like WA that have only one local news service left.


I am just saying that WIN are likely to swoop if Prime becomes extinct




To an extent, all the channels are Sydney feeder stations or Melbourne feeder stations - especially Nine and Seven aligned stations. Prime7 (and Seven) have a problem in NSW where it is the largest market, but yet they offer nothing on the main channel instead of AFL - its really a replay of whatever the stripped reality show that is on through the week or repeat movies. Seven Sydney and Prime7 could be airing Rugby Union on the main channel instead of 7Two and screen reality encores/movies/infotainment on Saturdays and Sunday.

This is where I think that 7 are failing Prime7 as an affiliate partner, not giving enough opportunity to capitalise on revenue growth and return throughout the winter months.


Movie title is too long to fit in the PRG:

Unlike 7mate metro:


Fun sidenote: The film was originally promoted and released in Australia as just Night at the Museum 2, no subtitle. I still have the DVD for it.

But then the third film was released in Australia under its full title. Consistency much?


Probably a scheduling issue from Prime and not picked up at Mediahub


It must be automated from the EPG / or some internal guide system, as EPG on TV had the exact same “…Sm…” cut off.

Clearly Seven themselves know better to manually change it, which MediaHub didnt.


They usually use a ‘double decker’ PRG for programs with long titles or a : separator.


True, and sometimes they need to be manually separated.


The on air graphics have no connection to the EPG what so ever.


Okay. It just seemed highly coincidental that Zampakid’s cap of Prime’s presentation system and my EPG both had the title ending abruptly on the exact same character.


Yeah I’ve seen spelling mistakes mirrored on the PRG and EPG before as well, so they must be linked.


Surely they’re linked - they’re automatically generated so it makes sense - we’d see mistakes if they weren’t using the same source.


Even online guides… Exact same looking scenario! Must be automated too from some software linked from networks?

Though a Seven example isn’t ideal, as mentioned their EPG has been shithouse for a year now


Newer style promo for Seven News:


Small Foot Movie Tie-in Ident:


This is the same movie that was being advertised (trailer) in the 7flix end-of-movie credits split screen cap I posted the other day.


I’ve seen a few of the Seven in-program promo straps on (Prime) 7flix this week :thinking:


So this is a first? Or are you saying Prime accidently let Seven metro graphics (promo strip) air on a channel? Or are you saying you saw “Small Foot” promoted in a strip?