Prime7 and GWN7

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Just a quick question (using SCA as an example).

If Nine purchased RQLD, SNSW and RVIC, would it be bad for SCA’s other stations in the long run? They would lose their biggest moneymaking markets and lose their ability to redistribute funds to support their smaller markets. I use SCA as an example as they provide local news for Tasmania and SA.

Or would this not be a concern, would the populations of each individual remaining market be able to support each station’s operations?


well then how about the local news for the purchased areas above if 9 totally brought them would the news be the same or would it be longer or would be totally axed and replaced with the metro news like it had before coz dont 4get 9 only done the local news coz of sca being the regional affiliate for 9


I would imagine that the SA half hour bulletin would quickly disappear. They may do a WIN SA and have one two minute update but that would be the extent of it. They will still have to deliver 2 minute noodle updates where required to do so. Remember that under SCTen the only full bulletins they were doing were the SA and TAS ones.

SC News Tas would survive but maybe go 5 nights a week?


Yes some was due to that. Maybe its time to negotiate on better outcomes and program availability… perhaps in regions that air local news, Prime could negotiate a exit from the 4pm bulletin at 4:30pm and air The Chase Australia half an hour earlier in those areas (than metropolitan counterparts) and air local news at 5:30pm.

If I were Prime, I would also consider trying to negotiating more infomercials, but airing them on 7Two (channel 62) at 8:30am til 9:30am weekdays.


What’s stopping me if I live in Geelong or some parts of Melbourne to point my antenna towards Lookout Hill / Mt Alexander / Mt Tassie, etc to receive The Chase earlier?

It would be win win if that was the case. Slightly better HD, The Chase shown earlier, etc.

Seven would scream if it was shown in Wollongong, they already complained about Prime HD many moons ago.


The above proposal re The Chase Australia at 4:30pm on Prime7 would only apply to regions that already have full local news bulletins (ie. Albury, Wagga, Orange, Tamworth & North Coast), whereas those that currently don’t have full local news bulletins would continue to air the same schedule as Seven from nearby metro areas.

The proposed schedule for Prime7 in full local news regions would look something like this:

4.00 Seven News at 4 (cut down to 1/2 hour)
4.30 The Chase Australia
5.30 Prime7 Local News
6.00 Seven News (full bulletin)
7.00 Home & Away


I believe that a schedule like the one shown by TV-Expert above could work and if there were any foreseeable issues with audiences for a 5:30pm news bulletin, perhaps an encore could be shown at 7pm on 7Two, possibly using the previous episode of Home And Away as a lead in.

So the regional variation in Prime7/GWN News regions could be

6:30pm Home And Away
7:00pm Prime7 Local News

Where required, Harrys Practice could be a fill in program for Prime7/GWN of 7Two feed if they choose this regional variation


Well at this point the broadcast time wouldn’t be affected in Wollongong. Canberra and Newcastle as they do not screen Prime 7 Local News.


I don’t think Prime7 would be game to try 5:30 local news again anytime soon.

It was tried in the mid 90s, and was a major flop. Meant that NBN News won the 6pm timeslot in places like Tamworth. The experiment with 5:30 News only lasted 4 months everywhere except Albury.

Prime7 Local News is now #1 in all its markets (afaik), I think they would be a bit foolish to risk jeopardising that.


Prime7 doesn’t have a terribly operated news service in the regions lucky enough to have full bulletins, but I’m personally not sure if the bulletin(s) really should be titled “Prime7 Local News” with the “generic regional issues” stories used to pad out the half hour on a reasonably regular basis (from what I’ve seen anyway).


The only reason for raising my idea is that Prime Media need to cut costs in the long term to remain profitable and maintaining viewer satisfaction…

And as you pointed out, it was in the mid 90s… also in the mid 90s, Seven tried a 5pm news bulletin that failed but in the middle of this decade was screening an afternoon news between 4pm and 5:30pm, also, Nine tried various incarnations of afternoon news from 4pm or 4:30pm this decade and continue to produce a news service in that time slot.

So a good 20 years later, they could try something like a 5:30pm news bulletin given that it is unlikely any time in the future that the 6pm edition of Seven News will be cut back down to 30 minutes


Not sure if mentioned but the Austar (Foxtel) Mystar box has added Prime7 HD on 060. No 7Flix however.


I saw this in a basement car park in Fortitude Valley in Brisbane, I’m surprised that Prime via their affiliate sales team would have an office in Brisbane when Qld as far as I know are all O&O stations by Seven West Media.


Seven Affiliate Sales represents the O&O stations in Queensland as well. The same as how WIN, and now SCA represent NBN for national sales. They do this so that national clients can be offered all regional stations regardless of who owns them.


One of my workmates was an Account Manager for SAS here in Melbourne and has said at one point a few years ago that Seven West were looking at taking 7Qld sales back from SAS but it was deemed too expensice with having to upgrade their systems to include all the regional sub-markets etc so they renewed the deal with Prime to keep selling on their behalf.

They also used to work in the 7 (Metro) Offices but i think besides Sydney (currently in 7HQ at Jones Bay Wharf) they’ve all moved out to separate offices.


It’s probably time they got a new logo!


Still rocking the early 2000s Gill Sans font it seems! I do occasionally see the Gill Sans font on some Seven properties still, though it doesn’t seem Seven have a singular stationary font like they did back then, unless it’s Gotham as per on On Air Presentation.


7 Affiliate Sales is also a sales agent for Seven Queensland and also for TVNZ in New Zealand


Prime has their own version of the Commonweath Games bug now:

@WAtvVideos I assume there is a GWN version as well?


More than likely. Will check when the Paralympics airs next.