Prime7 and GWN7

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It looks like his shoes are on fire in that last cap :grinning:


anyone know when the prime7 website updated


When did they move away from Yahoo7 even?


Wonder if GWN7 will still have a physical set or resort to Seven’s Perth method of just using a virtual set, though I think they’ll still keep a physical set, which would make TVW-7 the only state without one on their flagship service. I also wonder if they will be using the 2016 version of “The Mission” from today onwards.

Prime7 & GWN7 Local News

Haven’t seen this before…



I believe @Bort mentioned this the other day, if it’s indeed what he was referring to? It’s new apparently.


In the FAQ on the new Prime7 website, there is one of their only mentions of the HD service:


Nope, I was talking about this over the end credits of MKR


@Abesty Are Prime using Olympic watermarks during general programming (bottom right), like metro? Or not and just their normal “Prime7” one?

That’s cool, haven’t seen such a full screen ‘up next’ amimation like that before.

Somebody mentioned it’s also in metro markets.


Just their normal watermark.



Here’s the video


Prime need to do something now to protect viewers and shareholders from Prime Media Group from becoming the latest to suffer the same fate as Ten.

Dividends have been suspended until further notice.


What would happen if Prime did go under?


Despite having said that they have no interested in merging with Prime, Seven would probably buy them out if the price was low enough and it protected them from losing their regional viewers.


Yeah I was wondering if Seven would just buy the Market, though I would hate to see Prime go under and see all the Jobs go as they do a wonderful job and great presentation… More than I can say for another regional network at the moment when it comes to presentation!


With prime7being the biggest regional station on the east coast excluding Queensland I would also agree that 7 would in the end buy prime7 and end up having it just as 7 but if that was so would they do the same as qld and have each region as a water mark ie 7 western Victoria


From memory most of the loss was due to a write down in the value of their license, but obviously regional television is still up against it.


by the look of it, its pretty much all of the loss - interesting they’ve done it as an impairment though