Prime7 and GWN7

Well, they are the last station to go HD, so they’ve really got nothing to brag about.


Yeah, wouldn’t surprise me if Prime don’t promote HD at all (apart from that little pitiful bug at the start of each program).

Viewers will just have to discover it.

Might take a long time before everyone finds it.

are you sure it was you for whom the event was limp?

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Looks better without the grey box.

Gee, MediaHub are doing a ton of tinkering at the moment aren’t they with Prime!

Another Weather Update:


I can’t imagine it’ll take overly long for people to find Prime7 HD.

Many of the newer TVs (probably most capable of receiving MPEG4 signals?) automatically find new channels or provide a prompt to rescan when new services pop up. Some older equipment might even need a rescan to continue receiving 7mate with that channel having switched to SD.

In any case, I wonder if a update of this thread to include Prime7 HD (and also 7Flix via Prime7, launched on 3/9/2017) might be a good idea @TV.Cynic? :slight_smile:


But in this case LCN 60 was an already existing service so there would be no prompt.


The opener in this update looks like it is HD:


Probably so that they can iron out any hiccups before they “officially” launch the service.

Time for STQ to get their head in the game. Hopefully SCA can also come to an agreement for Seven to give them an actual HD feed for Tasmania.

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They can do that right now if they wanted.

It’s called rip a stream from 7plus and then put some coverup watermarks ontop of the Seven one…

On the Fetch box you can’t reorder the channels, so to have all the Prime channels grouped together I was already using 60 instead of 6 which I have hidden. I had already found 60.

I would suggest that some people wouldn’t bother deleting/hiding channels, or wouldn’t know how to, so 60 would be readily available.

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Nice double decker PRG on 7TWO:


I wish it was still common practice to show these pop ups at the start of each programme on the SD service - surely doing so would have an increase in uptake of HD channels

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No HD in the watermark used on genera programming:


Its quite easy to make a PRG like that but for the untrained eye, it looks quite good.

The primary channel watermark is brighter now and the red on the PRG is more vibrant. I think it’s increased in size too.

I wonder if Bruce G has the password to all of the Mediahub control feeds :thinking::thinking:


I think that would violate the terms of their affiliation as they would not be paying for Seven to supply them the HD feed themselves.

Lol, whoops!


So they are playing GWN7 News at 6pm, then showing Seven News Perth on delay at 6.30?

How do they transition back to the tennis at 7pm, when at the end of the Perth News the presenter hands over to Today Tonight?

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