As for Pointless, at least it doesn’t have the lame “audience yelling out the missing answers in unison” like Family Feud had. It feels a bit more modern while Family Feud has never quite moved on from the lame, town hall sorta feel.


And now for some serious television critique, we turn to…


I disagree. Family Feud started well but by the end it was feeling very tired.

Mark and Andrew have some great chemistry so it’s been funny watching them bounce off each other and let the contestants shine as well. Some genuine laughs so far.

I like to see them ramp up the comedy even more in coming weeks.


And ramp up the prize money a little as you suggested, it all seems a little cheap even without the constant plugging of board games, car brands, various companies contributing gift cards etc.


Perfect timing with the jackpot of $8000 being won today.


I’m surprised they aren’t advertising clips from the show rather than generic promos. Things like this might be better? Highlight the humour from the hosts/contestants rather than the format itself.


If/when Pointless fails, Ten should consider airing the US version of Family Feud. Steve Harvey is hilarious as host.


Why? That’s not going to rate any better and we don’t need more American fodder on our TV.


Some people seem to be obsessed with turning Australian TV into American.


His reactions to stupid answers are so over the top and cringeworthy. No thank you.


Mark got a plug in for Pointless in his appearance on Insiders this morning when he filled in for Mike Bowers.

Channel Ten must be letting him still be involved closely with the ABC. He also made an appearance on one of The World this week presenting his What in the World segment.


Why does everyone want to see Family Feud anymore? It’s a tired format which should go to the grave and never come back up again.


If Pointless fails why not a cooking show at 6pm? Ready Steady Cook for an hour?


They tried Celebrity Ready Steady Cook in that slot once. It didn’t go well.


Nothing will beat news services at 6pm. The alternative is working.


How is it working? It’s only been a week and it’s already rating nearly as bad as FF.


It’s working by rating better than when say if The Simpsons were still on. Ten knows that Nine and Sevens news offerings are going to win. At least a game show type alternative gets the minority of people that don’t want the news at 6pm. Cant change people viewing habits. 6pm is news time and has been for decades! You will find its more of the older demos that tune in a 6pm still!


Simpsons rated better than Pointless and it didn’t need a simulcast or any promotion.

On this day when Simpsons last had the 6pm slot https://tvtonight.com.au/2013/07/x-factor-turkey-slaps-big-brother.html


How many times do we have to tell you that the media landscape has changed since then. If Family Feud and Pointless were airing during that time they would’ve undoubtedly had higher ratings than now.


It’s not 2013 anymore and Nine News isn’t rating 1.4 million at 6pm nor ACA 1.2 million at 7pm. Don’t expect to be taken seriously when you make comparisons of The Simpsons which we have also seen has suffered a massive drop in popularity in the last few years that it isn’t even seen by any network to be fit for a main channel timeslot.