Pitching Ideas to ITV

Has anyone from here ever pitched their show idea with ITV or other companies who offer submission from anyone? What was your experience? Did anything come of it? Did your show pop up later on changed enough to not be yours anymore?

Particularly interested in the feedback from ITV submissions but anywhere else would like to know who and what response was too.


Aren’t you the guy that claims he created The Wrong Girl?



I have an idea for a reality show but parts of it have come up in a show this year. I still think its viable but would like to know if anyone here has generally got a show idea picked up by ITV (or others) am I being naive?

Was it I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! who stole your idea?

No one stole my idea, what are you guys talking about? This is of no help.

I just want to know if anyone has submitted an idea to ITV? I think Shine does the same thing too?

Maybe I should clarify I have yet to do this and I like to research beforehand.

No worries.

Somebody last year was telling us that they pitched a comedy series about a Breakfast Show and he believed The Wrong Girl had partly used his ideas.

I’ll just try my luck I guess

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Oh it’s just that you’re using the same IP address as the guy that said The Wrong Girl stole some of his ideas so I figured you would have known :blush: