The first episode of The Bridge will air on 10 on Monday week (August 22) right after HYBPA as a one-off broadcast, to entice viewers to subscribe to P+ to continue watching.

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I don’t like when they do this.

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Why not?

Showing 1 episode and then asking people who cannot afford to watch more is just cruel, in my opinion. FTA is just that - i don’t mind advertising for streaming on FTA - but only giving a taste is just cruel.

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Nine did this to Billions a few years ago screening episode one as a one-off special.

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‘Cruel’ seems a stretch.


Possibly to some of us that are more privileged.

No doubt there is serious income inequality developing, but I’m quite sure people who are struggling to make ends meet have bigger worries than not being able to finish a reality show.


That’s your opinion. As I said it’s my opinion and I stand by it And You are allowed to love these previews. I was asked why I don’t like them and I gave that answer, remarks about it being a stretch aren’t really needed.

Just when things are getting tougher and the cost of everything is increasing you sit down to watch a show only to find out after you need to subscribe for $10 a month to finish watching a show. It just encourages elitism, in my opinion.

You are entitled to that view. As I am mine. I don’t like these preview things on FTA. There are other ways a network can have a preview showing than having it on their FTA channel.

Just wait til the season finishes, subscribe once for one month and watch it then unsubscribe. It’s like $2.50 a week. Don’t have one coffee one day and you’ll be able to afford it…

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I feel like as long as it’s made clear in promos, the epg listing and during the program that it’s just a preview and the rest is on P+ (or Stan), it’s not really a problem. It’d become a problem if it was becoming a bait and switch where its promoted like a normal program with a “watch the rest somewhere else and pay for it” end tag or something.
And besides, if people can’t/don’t want to subscribe to P+ to watch the rest but really like the show I’m sure they’re aware of other methods to view it.

I can afford it, I have paramount. Some people cannot.

I realise that which is why I suggested what I suggested. What til it ends and only subscribe once.
It’s literally $2.50 a week.

Saying it’s only $2.50 a week is easy to say when you have $2.50 to spend though.


If these people you are referring to are so poor they can’t afford that then I’m sure they don’t have a television to watch free to air on then anyway.

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That’s not even remotely true. Of course there are families and individuals who have a TV that cannot afford to subscribe to streaming services.

How many rentals are full furnished these days? Just as an example. How many people have been gifted a tv? How many people have had a job but lost it due to injury? How many people have gone from doing well to really struggling? There are so many possibilities where this is possible.

At the end of the day streaming is a luxury item

Ok, I think we’ve had enough of this topic.


Fair enough. I get discussing privilege for some isn’t a topic they like.

There’s much better examples of privilege/inequality than not being able to continue watching a reality show that is previewed for one week on a channel no-one watches.


Any opportunity to discuss it, in my opinion, is a learning opportunity and a way of self reflection. But that’s ok. I understand if, in a forum for discussion, you want to cut that off.