Pacific Star Network


There’s no negativity from me towards you at all, I don’t know you and the anonymity is kinda part of the allure of here. Sorry if I came across any other way, wasn’t my intention at all.
I feel exactly the same when it comes to people raving, we all have our areas of passion (if you wanted to dig I’m sure mine here isn’t too hard to find).
I’m not overly happy about what Crocmedia has done to SEN, there’s too much American shit, wrong presenters in wrong slots or wrong presenters full stop.
Of course Crocmedia are going to feed you the stock standard garbage. I did agree with you about hopefully the ACMA being a bit toothier regarding them airing virtually the same thing on 2 spots on the radio, I’m not so sure about the online ones though.
Yes, I’ve never understood the whole channel 10 logo debate, I’d have thought having a good schedule would help them much more!


Wanna write to the Master Incharge Of this Mess? Follow Craig Hutchison on Facebook and send an E-Mail to Him that he can Keep Broadcasting Live Sporting Events On 1377, But at all other Times it’s 60’s and 70’s Music And not Much Else.


I couldn’t care less, I’ve given them my feelings by switching off. I’m of the opinion that if they’re in the sports broadcasting business then why would they broadcast rock music?


And Soul and Pop


Alright, I’ll repeat myself.
If they’re in the sports broadcasting game why would they want a MUSIC station? I don’t care what sort of music.


It would be away of avoiding their current illegal simulcast, and one that would likely result in audience growth compared to other alternatives like timeshifting, or unique content.

PSN justified the 3MP to Classic Rock change as being that Rock music aligned far more strongly with their Sports audience from SEN - that it was a way of selling the advertising on two stations by having a similar audience profile.

If you are trying to grow your sports broadcasting business, with expensive sports rights deals, and you have two AM stations - it is in your interest to broadcast content that can gain an audience to make it so the station is profitable.


Who said it’s an illegal simulcast? Nothing’s been done about it if so.
I’m saying, I couldn’t care less what they broadcast, I’m saying I understand why they ceased CRR. Don’t have an opinion on what’s on and I said my bit about them by not listening.


The ACMA move very slowly - so nothing yet. I’d certainly be interested if anyone has had a response to a formal complaint yet.

It has been a while since this has come up as an issue, the most recent I can think of is when there was a Mix 102.3 simulcast on 5DN after SEN failed - there’s reference to talking with the ABA about it here - and it seems like they were fine with it as a transitional measure, but assuring them that it wouldn’t be permanent seems like it was a requirement.

If for whatever reason it isn’t against the rules anymore, I can’t find a direct reference to it, it should be - we have too few commercial broadcast licenses as it is without ones wasted on majority simulcast programming.


This is the only licence condition in the Broadcasting Services Act I could find that could perhaps mean Pacific Star is in breach. AMCA would need to determine, I guess, that by substantially simulcasting the same programs on two commercial radio licences that Pacific Star are not providing services that are contributing to the provision of an adequate and comprehensive range of broadcasting services in Melbourne. Page 601:


Won’t work. It needs to be one thing or the other.


I think this is needed -


That’s not all that different to how Triple M, 3KZ, Magic, 3LO, 3DB, 3AW etc covered live sport in the not too distant past.




I think Craig Hutchison should pay the power bill to power the 1377 am transmitter at Rowville out of his own wallet/pocket Then he problay relize its a waste of money simlicasting 1116 and 1377


SEN SA will be a waste as well.

It’s all becoming an ego-fest as to who can build a bigger and better network between SEN and MSR.

Wait till you come back with some surprising figures and then expand.

Is SEN making the same mistakes MML have in rushing things?


Ten days on and still nothing from you @TheStyles83. Where is this?

It’s my understanding that ACMA are taking a ‘supportive approach’ (read: light touch) to AM stations due to industry bellyaching about their viability yet forget the two high profile examples of success, local ABC and AW/GB.

By all means, question the ACMA on what they’re doing regarding the 3MP licence. Specifically to the section that @littlegezzybear highlighted, page 601, (2)(a).


I was the very distant past Frankie! 20 years or more for most of those stations.

3AW and 3LO don’t count as they are talk stations anyway. Triple M is the odd one out where it sort of works for them.

3KZ was the last big music station that ran AFL. But no other sports, unlike SEN. It dropped footy in the early 1990’s


Crocmedia in general is more about content and live sport syndication than actual radio stations. Remember Hutchy has only taken charge of 3AK/3MP for less than 12 months now. Prior to that their business was all content.

If SEN SA only rates 0.2 yet gets 100000+ in weekly podcast downloads I don’t think Hutchy will care because content is king.


Somehow that doesn’t feel so long ago. I must be getting old.