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Can you please provide a link to that on either the ACMA website or please?


Classic Rock Radio’s Website has been updated… There is now a Contact Us, Complaints and Facebook/Twitter logos. So Maybe it is doing a comeback?


Is this something you’ve seen that is official or are you like me, just hoping? According to my DAB+ radio, SEN+ is still going strong, unfortunately. :disappointed_relieved:


That’s the same website?


Yep, It hasn’t been taken down since the changeover. It has been updated recently as it never had anything at the bottom of the page.


It’s a shame about Aussie and KOOOOOO…OOOOL. They were my go to stations whilst tramming it around the culture capital. Now you’re like Sydney, I guess, but still with more trams.

Alternatives: if you don’t mind a bit of newer rock mixed in, you can’t go past Rebel. If pure classic rock is the only option I’d recommend KCDX, but its stream is very intermittent. Your next best bet is MMM Classic Rock, but wall-to-wall advertising is now present in popular shifts such as breakfast and drive.

For Aussie, we have a shortwave station ‘Ozy Radio’, broadcasting all Australian music on 4835 kHz. The format is basically the same as Aussie Digital ran. It doesn’t stream though, and reception is only possible in Melbourne in the evening.


And unlike Sydney, you don’t have a commercial AM music station anymore, meaning you have 1 less commercial music station (excluding fortuitous stations from nearby 'fringe markets) than Sydney, and only 1 more than Brisbane.


It’s a bigger shame about Classic Rock Radio! Too much chat on Rebel for me and I can never get KCDX player to work. Far too many ads on MMM Classic Rock and too many so called experts on classic rock shows e.g. Alice Cooper. I am listening to Absolute Radio classic Rock at present closest I’ve found to Pacific Star CRR. Classic Rock Florida is not bad either. I have my own Spotify CRR but I’m addicted to radio. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I don’t find SEN/PSN moves to be at all surprising.

They make sports content, they’re not music broadcasters.

Content makers tend to specialise these days; Macquarie does talk and sport, SEN does sport. SCA does music and comedy. ARN does music.

They’re are attempts at crossover from time to time… SCA is certainly attempting some talk. They’ve tried and failed before, but you never know.

Media companies these days tend to have corporate specialties and to try to work outside them doesn’t cash in on what they know.

This happens in TV too. Almost all production is now outsourced to specialist production companies who by and large cater for specific genres.


The actions of Pacific Star and Macquarie Media to nobble stations into near-oblivion just makes no sense to me.

One option, Classic Rock on iHeartRadio, which like all digital channels there is commercial free.


PSN also did music until Hutchison ruined the company. 3MP was around long before SEN.


And Classic Rock Radio was a different format to the original 3MP.


And PSN was a remarkably unsuccessful media company.

Plus PSN today is Crocmedia… they are a sports broadcaster regardless of whether they’ve ruined the company or not.

My point being they’re going to do what the do (or think they do) best.

And PSN has no association the success of 3MP in the past.


So? It was music. Previous management had no problems running sports and music. This idiot has no idea! Do those who support what Hutchison has done think it’s right to have the same programming on four stations? It’s time The ACMA stepped in and directed them to sort out this mess.


SEN was probably more successful and had higher rating before Hutchison took over. IMO Crocmedia is a crock! I hope he falls in a heap. Hutchison, the Gordon and Murdoch of radio. :grinning:


Fair enough… I don’t actually have an opinion on the programming as such… although the point you made about multiple stations carrying the same content is valid.

My point in this discussion was that owners/managements are going to do what they think they do best and/or feel comfortable with. In the case of PSN today that’s sport.

Whether they’re doing it well or should be doing it all is another debate which I will leave to you :sunglasses:


I agee. Have you contacted them regarding your concerns?


So!? Saying music is music regardless is silly, I guess you’re not a fan of MSR then given 1278AM was once AW and they weren’t a 24 hour sports station either. Times change, business adapts or dies. I’m saying that their main business is sport, so running a rock music station isn’t part of that, so move on.
I’m no fan of what Crocmedia have done to SEN, but bitching about it achieves zero.
No, have never thought it was right to have multiple stations, whether through the radio or digital, running the same programming at the same time. I guess their argument to the ACMA is that 2 are only online and aren’t that different to networked programming. I would much prefer 1377AM to run timeshifted programming or something, who knows, it might end up with the SA programming on it? It does have the odd difference in programming but it isn’t enough as yet for my liking.


This is probably my final post on this topic. I am not bitching about this @Glennc, it is very personal to me and hard to move on. 2017 was not the best year for me as I went through treatment for cancer. many long nights and early mornings were made just a wee bit better and easier by listening to CRR. I still have some sleepless nights and have found nothing yet to replace it. This is why I ‘rave’ on about this. I think it’s very wrong what has happened. The management of Crocmedia must be very poor if they cannot manage two genres of radio! It’s not too hard to run an automated DAB+ station in the case of Aussie and Koool.

I have complained to both Crocmedia and ACMA. Reply from the former stating the usual garbage, not the latter as yet.

By the way why is it only me who is ‘accused’ of raving on about a topic? for example there are pages and pages of posters on this site ‘raving’ on about channel 10 logos and station names etc. I enjoy this site as I am ‘into’ media but this negativity toward me is putting me off commenting on anything in future.


Didn’t SEN switch several times from their 9429 open line number to a 1300 number and back to the 9429 number?

Can anyone else confirm or remember this?

It was around the time of the station struggling with SEN1323.