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That article is sort of wrong, It says the petition has gained a thousand signatures within the last day or so. That petition has been up for atleast 2 months already.


That petition went up yesterday.


Dw, I see what they did there. They linked it to the update not the new petition.


Green Room?

Hutchy is a dill for doing this, helpful earners these titles.

Laughable to see they’ve lost 3/4 of the worth of the company since acquisition.

Community stations have covered some teams.


If anyone is looking for an alternative to Kool, I’d say try this station, They play the same sort of songs anyway and you can hear them throughout most of Melbourne, not just Gippsland on 531AM. I haven’t found an alternative to Aussie yet.



Not really. Only if you have a decent car radio, and then only in some of the south eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

Doesn’t take long driving up the Monash Freeway past about Dandenong before it all gets lost in the noise.


Can listen to any station on the Radio App.


I hear 3GG perfectly fine here in the Northern Suburbs in both cars.


Now I know why Crocmedia has stopped broadcasting Aussie and KOOOL, Not Delivering Revenue is the Trouble and they pulled it off air.


Such a short sighted approach to business. Building revenue sometimes takes time particularly in new media. Streaming has only recently started to bring in revenue and it’s still not generating much profit. Sometimes business needs to play the long game to succeed.


Can’t spend it all bringing in sports like NFL (pointless personally) and buying stakes in Melbourne United (I see that bit ending well actually) and trying to expand the core radio business (SEN) nationwide if they’re spending money doing things like Aussie and KOOOL.


How’s your radio app? My radio app for some reason can’t get a network connection. I have a HTC u11. Did the normal uninstall / reinstall trick.


OK fixed it. Had to launch it in Android auto first then it worked. Go figure :slight_smile:


I’ve found a good online alternative for Classic Rock Radio Or direct link for VLC


That’s a great mix of music Country & Soft Rock a great link thank’s


Sorry not for me. Nothing like Classic Rock Radio. Hate all that country garbage. I’ll stick to my own CRR on Spotify until something better comes along.


During the past three month s SEN has dfone down in tue raigns ti 2.9% and sen is returning ti Adelaide on December 9th


Hi Jason are you one of the four people who listen to MSR? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I don’t like what Hutchison has done to PSN but SEN is still far superior to the mess that is MSR!


According to ACMA Rules in Commercial Radio, they must order to cease the Practice of Simulcasting and Put on Two Seperate Formats, 1116 will Maintain it’s Sports Coverage while 1377 May Return to 60’s and 70’s Music with Overflows of Sport from SEN, Mainly VFL, A-League, NBL and AFL Pre Season Coverage.