Pacific Star Network


The “SEN” name was already ripping off the “ESPN” name from the beginning anyway with the way it sounds when pronounced. Just like TSN in Canada. All 3 have similar logos too - TSN more so, partially owned by ESPN though I guess.



While I’m at it, let me mock that:



they kept the three letter SEN but the left the P out


As posted in Crocmedia Radio thread, SEN is relaunching in Adelaide on 1629AM on December 6, the first day of the first cricket test between Australia and India.


Why did Pacific Star buy 1629AM in Adelaide then?


To broadcast SEN there with local breakfast and drive shifts.


Even though SEN Adelaide will be used to broadcast international cricket and BBL, it will be interesting to see if it is able to broadcast other sports Crocmedia has the radio rights to from next year, especially AFL matches under AFL Nation mumbrella. FiveAA and Triple M currently have commercial radio rights to broadcast AFL in Adelaide.


Wonder if CrocMedia go out and try and get the SANFL or something to bring ears to SEN Adelaide


Does anyone currently do sanfl games on a regular basis?


Not only does SEN waste 1377 with SEN+ but SEN is also being broadcast on Aussie and KOOOL on DAB this morning. Does anyone know if this happens every day? How Crocmedia has ruined Pacific Star! Good luck Adelaide!


Logo reveal:


Haha, SEN in Adelaide, where I have I heard this one before? And on an off-band frequency too - sounds like a bad joke really. Does Hutchy know most AM radios don’t go above 1602?

If this ends only half as badly or as quickly as their last attempt in SA I’ll be amazed


A lot of SA listeners tune in online to SEN so now they have the choice to tune in online to the SA feed instead. That’s the plain and simple truth to this. The 1629 broadcast is just a bonus.


I guess. But even DAB would have been better than off band.


Agreed. Should have Aussie on 1377 with overflow sports.


I reckon Kool should be on 1377


So with Aussie and KOOOL now being branded as SEN2 and SEN3, that brings the number of sports stations in Melbourne - both full time and overflow - to a staggering 10.

  1. ABC Grandstand
  2. Macquarie Sports Radio
  3. RSN
  4. RSN Carnival
  5. RSN Carnival 2
  6. SEN
  7. SEN+
  8. SEN2
  9. SEN3
  10. TAB Live (simulcasting RadioTAB Brisbane if I’m not mistaken)


SEN just need to calm the f*** down.

One in Melb. One in Ade. End.

… I wouldn’t be surprised if their next move is to jump onto iHeart Radio or similar to create a national network of some kind …


WTF, I didn’t believe you guys about Kool and Aussie being rebranded so just turned on my DAB radio and almost smashed it!


The second petition I have made about PSN…