Pacific Star Network


it’s working my end on 1377


Thank you Laoma, pretty good at present.


Tried Rebel to many ads and chat. Spent today putting together my favourites on Deezer.:rofl:


Rebel also carries the syndicated Macquarie news bulletins every couple of hours (hourly at breakfast and drive) even overnight. These bulletins in my opinion are too political-oriented.


Hutchy really tried to have a go at me and the other classic rock fans


I am surprised no NRL on SEN +. I guess it’s not popular in Melbourne.


SEN+ was totally dead air when I tuned in on digital radio earlier on - it came back for the ads, then disappeared again before finally resuming a simulcast with SEN.

Not sure if it impacted the analogue service as well - but either way it shows how little they care about it.


Macquarie Sports Radio has NRL commercial radio rights in Melbourne (both NRL Nation and 2GB).


The Eastern Football Leaue sen+ is symilcastung it wilth 98.1 Radio EasternFM SEN + may well gain listeners from Radio EasternFM 98.1


How sad that the former ratings topping 3MP is reduced to broadcasting suburban football.


Sad as it s that 1377 Broadcasts suburban Football this could help 1377 in some way because Radio Eastern 98.1FM may will lose theIr listeners to SEN+ some mofre cimmunity sports could be on SEN+


And that would be sad for community radio who rely on sponsors and subscriptions to provide a service to their community, not a way to line Hutchinson’s pockets.




Put 60’s and 70’s music on SEN+


There is now 647 Supporters for the petition! lets keep it coming and hopefully Mr Hutchinson and PSN will change their minds.


I signed it.

I have a gripe with, as the website is very spammy. It needs to stop trying to force you to sign other petitions.


I don’t believe Hutchison will change his mind unfortunately. I have set up my own Classic Rock Radio on Spotify. I have even set up a 60’s 70’s and 80’s station like 3MP was before CRR. Don’t miss Frank Walker one bit. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I tend to agree. In this new era of smart speakers and steaming services - a juke box radio station like 3MP or CRR (on the AM dial especially) doesn’t make sense especially when owned by a company which now holds national syndication radio rights for AFL, NRL, A-League and now Cricket.

Don’t be too hopeful. I think SEN+ is here to stay. Perhaps turn your attention to Macquarie Sports Radio. More chance of them bringing back Magic 1278 I think.


Or, evil thought… they bring back 3AW+ on 1278.

Which they did operate on DAB+ before NTS replaced it.


Personally I’m not interested whether Magic comes back. Too old fashioned for this oldie. :slight_smile: