Pacific Star Network


Good luck with that.

There’s always MMM Classic Rock though:


Classic Rock on Triple m is rubbish compared to CRR on 1377!


haha. And you think @Dj_Cazzah can do better! One man starts a petition and takes on Crocmedia and SCA in one go. All over the matter of Classic Rock music.


Seriously. As much as SEN+ is a waste of spectrum, it’s hardly worth eulogising the radio equivalent of a jukebox. Even the last 3MP incarnation was an imitation of its former self.

Move on.


Classic Rock is a powerful tool… btw the icecast server might take longer than half an hour (can’t work out how tf to port forward with this crappy Telstra Gateway Max modem!)


According to
PSN also runs the greek digital station: Rythmos

Maybe they could replace Rythmos with Classic Hits/Rock Radio


If you are not interested in CRR why bother commenting? Due to a serious Illness and the memories of listening to the station in the last year it means a lot to me. So don’t just write “move on” if you don’t know or understand these things you should “move on”. The playlist was good and far superior to the MMM’s Classic rock with their many ads and stupid shows like Alice Cooper etc. This is as stupid a decision as the ones made by Macquarie management in the past few years. If Hutchison isn’t interested in music stations then they could have replaced KOOOL with CRR. KOOOL is kind of crazy!


Or Merge CRR With KOOOL And became a Greatest Hits from the 60’s to 80’s we’ve been Craving?


Melbourne’s Greek community wouldn’t be happy about that!


I’m listening to it now, Taco “Puttin’ on the Ritz” is now playing, is that even considered as “Classic Rock”, did you hear it on Classic Rock Radio? One for “Did They Really Just Play That?”.


I did actually hear it on classic rock and as well as Come and fly now (rocky theme) It will get better i promise after all it is just a 4 hour test transmission!


how’s your APRA licence? :thinking:


ugh it’s ugh, ugh steady (i deleted it)


Really? I find Triple M Classic Rock really good actually, except for the increase in ads lately. I saw a few playlists from CRR and thought Triple M Classic Rock seemed a bit more adventurous and broader but that’s just my take.


Did you listen to CRR or just see playlists? There were ads on CRR too but fewer than MMM Classic Rock. Also CRR was ad free between 12noon and 2pm and overnight. The overnight was great for me as I’m a bad sleeper and I’d listen to take my mind of any problems I was having with my illness. I apologise for going on but this station meant a lot to me during a difficult 12 to 15 months of my life.

I actually like MMM’s Greatest Hits better than their classic rock but far too many ads. The ads wake me during the night. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hope you get better soon.


No I didn’t listen so my impression could be wrong as I only saw a couple of playlists. I also like MMM GHD but probably prefer CRD.

You could also try streaming Rebel FM for a good rock station although it’s a bit more obscure and a lot more newer rock, and streaming can be a pain.


Ironically, The 1377 Transmitter At Rowville is Down or have Pacific Star Taken SEN+ Off Air?


Handed in the licence? That would be a positive move, :smiley: then ACMA could auction off the licence to someone who actually wants it!! We can only hope.


SEN+ is still online on DAB+