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Well rip… When I call PSN I get to a voicemail “You have reached the office of SEN & Classic Rock Radio” I guess they haven’t changed that either!


Don’t understand keep classic rock and add some sport on the weekend. Can call it SEN plus your station for sports and classic rock.


yeah not sure why they can’t call it SEN+ but play the music when they aren’t airing anything worthwhile sports wise.


Because we need more Gerard Whateley preaching down upon us about how he’s right and anyone who disagrees with him is wrong. Can’t do that if they’re playing music, now can they!?


How about a 60’s and 70’s Music Station on 1377 during Weekdays instead of Relaying SEN.


Or just I dunno, some classic rock?


We Need a Full On 60’s, 70’s and 80’s Greatest Hits/Classic Rock Radio Station plus Overflow of Sport on Weekends.


It feels like this NTS digital format they have. It is sad a metro AM station now sounds similar to this. I think its a sign of the times? I hate to say it, radio is not as popular nowadays. I can see this is Asia especially like Hong Kong. There is no way this would happen in the 80s or 90s. I love radio whether its AM or FM or DAB but I get the feeling I am old school listening to the wireless especially in future adding 30 years on my age :slight_smile: .


I sent Craig Hutchinson the petition on Twitter, hope he responds…


158 people have signed already! i’m surprised!


Just noticed it looks like the Classic Rock Radio trademark is cancelled… maybe someone could take ownership of the name and make an online station out of it?


Craig Hutchison addressed the SEN+ change in today’s Sounding Board. There was even an acknowledgement of the petition that a member of this forum had created.

In a nutshell he said Crocmedia’s business is sport and not music. He apologised to the Classic Rock Radio fans.


The main issue I see is not that Classic Rock has been dumped, it’s that it has been replaced with what is a catch-up version of SEN. A commercial radio licence should be used for more just a simulcast and highlights from another licence in the same city.


He stopped short in acknowledging that this is what SEN+ is although did mention there will be catch-up content. But he continued on to claim that it will allow for more live sport including women’s sport and it’ll be the home of A-League. He also suggested that over time new programs based around these sports may be added.


“not acquired we own it, 1377 came with the transaction” Wait, If you didn’t acquire it then what transaction did you get it from? “With SEN+ there is never too much of a good thing with spot” yeah nuh.

Should I be happy that Craig Hutchinson has scrutinized my Petition?


In his podcast he says 58 People have signed the petition… well there are 198 now!


Craig Hutchison should be forced to listen to SEN+ all the time. No music for him,. Within time he will eventily find it boring.

Did he actually do any research before changing classic rock to sen+ to see what listeners what? I dont think so


I guess the station wasn’t a money spinner. It’s not included in the ratings already. “Unaudited” were the words he used in the podcast so they would have no idea how many people were actually listening.


I wrote that in the Petition Update


Within half an hour i’ll have an online classic rock radio station open to fill the void of CRR. All I need is an icecast server…