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Apparently Grundys originally proposed Sale Of The Century to Channel 7, given that 7 had aired the same format as Temptation years earlier. Seven knocked it back and it got picked up by Nine. I can’t imagine that it would have had the same success had Seven picked it up instead of Nine. Nine always seemed to have the ability and resources to throw enough money and promotion into something to make it work, whereas Seven was never quite as lavish. Possibly a result of Seven (like the 0-10s at the time) then having different owners in Sydney and Melbourne, whereas the Nines were both under Packer rule.


I know this is a day late but i thought i’d include it.

July 13, 1956 - TCN-9 Sydney begins their test transmissions.

I always wondered why Grundys didn’t use the name Temptation with this reboot given it was essentially the same format. Did someone else own the rights to the name at the time?

It did seem like ATN was averse to taking productions from HSV when they were under different ownership because shows that resonated with a Melbourne audience weren’t always popular in Sydney.

I believe that Sale Of The Century was the original overseas title of the format in the late 1960s. Temptation was apparently an Australian variation, so perhaps there were some legalities over using the Sale Of The Century name here originally, clearly resolved by 1980.

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Doesn’t sound like “Pete Smith speaking” am.I correct? Any idea when he came onboard?

Ron Neate was the announcer for the first ten episodes of SOTC before Pete took over.

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Sounds like Pete Smith to me

It isn’t


15 July last year


This sounds very similar to the original Lateline, which started in 1990. Am I correct in assuming Kerry just took the idea to the ABC?

I hadn’t thought of that but do recognise the similarities- cover story then interview- now that you mention it. Well spotted.

On this day back in 1956, HSV-7 Melbourne begin their test transmissions.



A dark day for Australian TV !

16 July 2012

These YT videos have amassed a huge number of dislikes over the years - I think a combination of viewers not liking the show and possibly others expecting something to do with Lord of The Rings :slight_smile:


From what I recall, the ratings for the premiere episode of The Shire were a number which was appalling in 2012 but probably would be classed as a hit by current standards!

Although with the landscape as it is in 2019 with highly questionable shows like Non-Binding Commitment Ceremony Melodrama Married At First Sight (with the 2nd last episode of this season where a contestant poured wine on another scoring close to 2 million metro viewers - so classy :roll_eyes:), I genuinely wonder if The Shire, Being Lara Bingle and Brynee: My Bedazzled Life would’ve enjoyed more ratings success had they launched around 4-5 years later! :confused:

I didn’t watch the first episode of The Shire (as I was busy with studies) but what was the ratings like for the 5-city metro markets during the first episode? The second episode, saw ratings dive and continued its decline during the season.
Correct me if I’m wrong but did The Shire go against the 2012 Summer Olympics on Nine during the 2 weeks head-to-head?

Episode 1 rated 913,000, ep 2 had 1,062,000 but then the London Olympics came along and ep 3 had 537,000


So the second episode actually rated better than the premiere?

Yes. although some viewers have turned off during the show as they find it bad. During the 3rd episode, the show was beaten easily by Nine thanks to the Olympic games. The 2nd half of 2012 was terrible for TEN

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15th July 1985, showed a pretty significant fire in Sydney, in this video comprises reports from TEN Eyewitness News with (young) Tim Webster and Ann Sanders, Seven National News with Ross Symonds and Karina Kelly, ABC National with Richard Morecroft and National Nine News with Brian Henderson. All networks using Live crosses. The first report from TEN shows how futuristic their set design was.


On this day in 2019, a technical error at the ABC causes the wrong episode of Mad as Hell to be aired.

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