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One wonders what these same early childhood educators thought about Play School, which is still on-air today and despite some modernisation has more or less stuck to the same basic formula for over 50 years.

I’m sure it’s been posted here before, but either way here’s that absolutely classic sketch from Fast Forward which made fun of Fat Cat being axed from Australian TV by having the character under arrest:


1 July 1962: Station affiliations change between Sydney and Melbourne. ATN7 is now aligned to HSV7, ADS7, BTQ7 to form Network 7, later the Australian Television Network, then Seven Network, then Australian Television Network again, then Seven Network again :woozy_face:


TCN9 is now aligned to GTV9, NWS9, QTQ9 as the National Television Network

Despite the change viewers would notice few changes immediately as programs would serve out their remaining contracts and sponsorships, so it could be months before some titles swapped between channels

1 July 1965: TVQ0 begins in Brisbane


Interesting that we could have seen ATN NTN and later ITV as network names alongside ABC and SBS.

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I always used to watch Fat Cat before Kindergarten.

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ABC made a big deal for its 50th anniversary on 1982, with special programs across ABC radio and television.

Source: The Australian Women’s Weekly / TV & Entertainment World


I remember it was extended with a 7 News special documentary on Farrah Fawcett which aired on NBC that night (US time)

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Farah’s death was and will always be overshadowed by MJ’s death - in (nearly) the same manner Mother Teresa’s death was overshadowed by the passing of the Princess of Diana in 1997.

The AFL had to reschedule a qualifying final between Adelaide and West Coast so that Seven could televise the funeral of Princess Diana live in 1997.


Also on this day


July 1 is certainly a huge day in television history. We seem to have missed another significant television anniversary.

It’s 33 years ago today that Scott and Charlene walked down the aisle to the strains of Angry Anderson’s “Suddenly” on Neighbours. The episode rated 38 in Melbourne and 29 in Sydney.

The happy couple made an appearance at Westfield Parramatta the following day to cut a wedding cake. It resulted in the actors being mobbed, a woman trampled and three children fainting. You wouldn’t get that reaction to a TV drama in 2020.

Makes me feel old. I remember trying to watch the episode in the new house the family had just moved into. Television reception for Sydney channels, particularly Ten, was poor but we still managed to watch the “TV wedding of the year”.


Oh how could I forget…



Scott and Charlene’s wedding also has the rare distinction of being the last centre spread feature in TV Scene, appearing in what became its last ever edition.


Just snuck this in while it’s still On This Day…

1 July 1997: Prime Television debuts in Mildura, finally giving local viewers a choice in commercial TV


Source: Sunraysia Daily


3/7/2015 The news breaks during Sunrise and Today that Adelaide Crows head coach Phil Walsh had been murdered by his own son in the dead of night in their Adelaide residency.

I remember watching Sunrise that morning and a news update at 7:00am AEST only said that there had been a “suspicious death”. It wasn’t until about 40 minutes later that it was revealed that Walsh was the victim of a domestic violence dispute.

Sunrise takes extended coverage of Walsh’s death after 8:00am.


3 July 1989: ABC launches Countdown Revolution, weeknights at 6.30pm. It was a new take on the original Countdown with elements of the recently-axed The Factory, and taped at the Metro nightclub in Melbourne.

Ratings were dismal, hovering around twos and threes, up against Home And Away and A Current Affair which were rating into the 20s and 30s.

The show was then moved to 6.00pm and production moved back to the ABC studios in Ripponlea with new hosts Mark Little and Tania Lacy. Ratings didn’t improve and an impromptu strike by the hosts on-camera got them sacked, and briefly replaced by Lochie Daddo before the show was axed entirely.

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I believe the protest was about the policy of not letting bands perform live.

Tania Lacy spoke to TV Week shortly after their sacking in July 1990:

Lacy, a familiar face from ABC’s The Factory, said there had been a lot of problems leading up to the taping of the episode where she and Little staged an on-air strike. “It was a fight for our credibility,” she told TV Week. “We regard ourselves as credible performers and that is the heart of the issue. We were originally asked to present a revolutionary, comedic and anarchic pop program. We really believed in that concept, but suddenly some very ugly factors came into it. We felt like we were selling out, that we were puppets for the producers and record companies. Mark and I were not employed to sell records. We were also told to cool it with the clowning around and they also stopped us from saying what we believed in. We felt so strongly about it we thought the audience should know how we’re feeling.” The pair arrived for the Friday night taping carrying some quickly-made placards, reading ‘TV is a lie’ and ‘TV lip service’, which were handed out to audience members.

Source: TV Week

Lacy then talked about it again in 2008 when discussing parallels between her comedy career and that of the late Mary Hardy in a doco about Hardy

YouTube: kylegalley

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On this day 4 July 2016, 7 Gold Coast News launched


5 July 1982: Channel 0/28 debuts its first Australian-made drama, the mini-series Women Of The Sun.

With 0/28 being available only in Sydney and Melbourne, the series was then sold for national screening on ABC.



The AFL game between St Kilda and the Geelong Cats is pushed back by an hour so that the Seven Network could televise the game live into Melbourne. This leads into Seven News, which enjoyed its best ratings in that market for a long time (that year, Seven News won 34 out of 40 ratings weeks).

This timeslot change becomes permanent starting from the 2012 season.

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7 July 1982: Mike Walsh celebrates the 2,000th edition of The Mike Walsh Show with a two hour special on Nine at 8.30pm. Guests invited to appear at the prime time party held at Nine’s Willoughby studios include David Frost, Toni Lamond, John Michael Howson and Jeannie Little.

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