Everyone I talk to kind of turns their nose up says “ohhhh I don’t know who to support, I don’t like either team, but I hate the Roosters more than I hate the Storm, so I’ll probably go for Melbourne”.


It just strikes as a dull defensive battle rather than something more open that will catch the eye.


Sport is overrated anyway


Tuned in towards the end of the first half. As much as I hate the Roosters, I find it hilarious that the Storm have been kept scoreless.

Still wish both sides did us a favour and died in a fire. :rofl:


As far as the result is concerned, I’m pretty sure the NRL and Channel Nine Sydney have gotten exactly what they wanted.

Would’ve been even better if the game had a compacity crowd though…and at this stage I’m still not quite convinced the TV ratings will be much better than about 850k for the Sydney market.


Thank god that’s over. Except for the insufferable Roosters supporters that we all now have to deal with as an society.

To the moron with the Glenn Quagmire sign, you can join the “Great St-George Team” banner dickhead in having their stupid banners shoved directly up their rectum.


WOW! The Roosters have beaten the Melbourne Storm 21-6 in front of 82 688 people. This year’s crowd was higher than last year’s crowd which was just under 80k at ANZ Stadium.


Wow that was horrible. Sad for the Melbourne Storm, after no Victorian club winning the other GF yesterday. Both GFs couldn’t have been more poles apart in terms of a contest.


Yeah. Neither side died for our collective amusement. :rofl:

If it wasn’t the Rorters winning it, it’d be a joyous occasion.

This was a shitty game, played by two of the most painful teams that ever took to a field.

Oh, and Billy Slater. F##k off. Take Cameron Smith with you.


Disappointing game.

Well done to the Roosters, the Storm were never really in the hunt.


The Storm fought so hard to have Billy Slater cleared by the NRL judiciary only to put up a shocking performance in the first half of last night’s grand final. What a sad end of the careers of Billy Slater and Ryan Hoffman.


Not good.


Greg Inglis celebrating too hard?


This says it all.


NRL has unveiled a new logo recently. Instead of the green and gold with white stars, they have a black background with green on the shield.



I only hope to goodness that they didn’t fork out another $250k for THAT one.



Apparently you only get a flag taken off you if you’re not based in Sydney :thinking:


I know,I know, not good… :sob:

The size of the fine is just as bad.

Will be interesting to see who is coach next year?

Most have already been signed up.

Maybe someone like Anthony Griffin?
Not sure what he’s doing now Penrith sacked him.

Trent Barrett?? I dunno …