Thank the Lord


Should’ve started the deliberations during the Brownlow


Saw the result online, then on a breaking news banner during Australian Survivor.
Thanks goodness.


Foregone conclusion. He’s a protected species.

Sorry but I hate the turd.

I would rather see both teams spontaneously combust.


NZ Warriors fullback Roger Tuivasa-Sheck is this year’s Dally M medallist in one of the closest counts in the award’s history. Newcastle’s Kalyn Ponga was on top of the leaderboard with two rounds to go, but he missed the final two games of regular season after he injured his ankle. Tuivasa-Sheck claimed the medal after he received three points in the Warriors’ thrilling win over Canberra.


Speaking of new logos


I’m in the wrong job if someone is being paid $250,000 just to do THAT!


It honestly looks like something one could’ve done very quickly in Photoshop and unfortunately, I wouldn’t be overly surprised if that was the actual design process.


This is rumoured to be on the jerseys in 2019. Oct 18th launch. Don’t like it very simplistic


Not a fan. The NRL and Telstra/whatever sponsor brands should be kept distinct imo


Yeah hate it really. Liked the current nrl logo with premiership trophy on it. Here are some more simple designs.


Why will the NRL want to get rid of the Southern Cross from its logo?


That logo is so MS Paint…dull and boring


The 2018 NRL Grand Final was launched this morning in Sydney. Apparently the match is not a sell out, and NSW Tourism Minister Adam Marshall has called on anyone near ANZ Stadium on Sunday to come in and see the big game, with tickets on sale at the gate.


Not that unusual sadly for big games in Sydney, Origins also struggle to sell out with tickets (albiet at the expensive end of the scale) often available hours before kickoff.


That’s a shame, but I guess not a total surprise given it’s 2 of the less popular teams in Sydney.


Yeah, I’ll fucking attend. If they pay me.

I’d rather watch 2 horny goats going at it. Storm and Roosters can go and rotate on a sex toy.


Agreed. I actually wouldn’t be overly surprised if a majority of Sydneysiders who support the NRL (and possibly some sections of the local media) would’ve preferred to see a Sharks v Rabbitohs Grand Final!

Sure, there are a few Storm fans who live in Sydney while the Sydney Roosters are one of two foundation teams still in the competition and I suppose, is essentially the main/flagship NRL team for the city. But compared to the regions where Sydney’s other eight NRL teams are based, I get the impression that places like Bondi and Coogee would be quite high among the places which are the least interested in any mainstream sport (let alone rugby league), anywhere in the Sydney metropolitan area.


Based on membership numbers, Souths and Parramatta are the two most supported Sydney teams.

The Roosters are the 3rd least supported Sydney team. Only Sharks and Sea Eagles have fewer.


I must say there is no hype or excitement for this grand final. Very dull week but with the teams involved its not much of a surprise.