Who meets Melbourne Storm in the NRL Grand Final at ANZ Stadium on 30 September?

  • Sydney Roosters
  • South Sydney Rabbitohs

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(with apologies to @Radiohead)


I voted for the Roosters. The more interesting Grand Final from both a sporting and media coverage perspective would probably be if the Rabbitohs manage to beat 2018’s Minor Premiers tomorrow night though.

The worst possibility (which thankfully won’t happen now) would’ve been Roosters v Sharks: The NRL Grand Final where the build-up to the game most likely would’ve been overshadowed in media coverage by a faux “rivalry” between Scott Morrison and Gladys Berejiklian distracting the Sydney/NSW public from far more important issues like their upcoming elections! :face_vomiting:

Also, why am I not surprised that @AustralianAerial is very excited about the prospect of his favouite football teams in both codes making it into the Grand Final this year? :slight_smile:



They just didn’t have the troops tonight to compete.
I never really thought or expected Cronulla to win anyhow.
They’ve still had a good year - getting to the second last week is a good result.


This will make for an interesting judiciary hearing on Tuesday


Even as a Sharks supporter, I wouldn’t like to see Slater to have to miss the Grand Final, he’s been a great role model for the game as a cleanskin, he has a great record. I accept that he says it was a collision more than anything else.


Is there a rule about long before restarts after conversions?


Yes, I think they have 30 seconds to kick off again before the clock stops.


44,380 people attended tonight’s preliminary final at Allianz Stadium, a new record attendance for any sport at the venue. Saving the best till last before the stadium is demolished in January next year.


Storm vs Roosters. I’d rather watch a nuclear explosion than this year’s grand final.

Two unlikable packs of wankers. And that’s just their fans!

Sorry not sorry.


Yeah, not ideal.

I was hoping for a Sharks vs Bunnies Grand Final… didn’t get either wish.

I’ll be cheering for the Storm…


I’ll be cheering for the Storm…to spontaneously combust next week. Same with the Roosters.

I really don’t want any of those two to win. Really f##king unlikable.


I know I really shouldn’t mix sport with politics, but this has to be said.

Who else thinks that sometime in the next week, we’ll see Gladys Berejiklian and Daniel Andrews make some absolutely ridiculous bet (think Victorian flag on the Harbour Bridge if the Storm win next Sunday, that type of thing) or doing something else that’s absolutely cringeworthy in the media to make them seem more human - or distract the public from more important issues - with their next elections not far off the horizon? :roll_eyes:

The outcome is only slightly better than having a Roosters v Sharks Grand Final (which would’ve made for an even worse mixture of sport and politics) but that’s just about the only positive thing I can say with all due respect to the more sensible fans of both clubs!


Of course they will. It’s tradition.


Love you too :kissing:


I will be cheering for the Storm :slightly_smiling_face:


Who wins the 2018 NRL Grand Final on 30 september 2018?

  • Melbourne Storm
  • Sydney Roosters

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Bit of a misleading headline


Thank fuck for that.


The decision took longer than a Brownlow medal count :slight_smile: