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Fitzy said a couple of weeks off on Friday at the end of the show.

So everyone will be back live July 15 and they’ll be on repeats.

Not the best strategy.

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Oh ok makes sense. Sydney school holidays must always start one week later than Vic school hols


THAT’S the cheeky Nova brand I miss.


Listening to a bit of Kate, Tim and Marty on Snow Canberra. It’s like listening to school boy dirty talk in the playground that’s approaching Donald Trump style locker room talk. AKA, it’s rubbish.

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You have terrible taste


Just in case anyone has been living under a rock… Nov106.9 has the BEST playlist in Australia.

Tell me any station that beats it in this category.

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I agree with that, finely Nova 96.9 is starting to play a couple of the throwbacks that would only get played on Nova 106.9.

I also enjoy the playlist of Eagle / Snow fm. But Nova 106.9 is the best by far.

East coast stations Nova 96.9 / 100 and 106.9 should all go off the Nova 106.9 log.

Nova 919 and Nova 937 should stay on the Nova 937 log, as it has proven successful so far in Adelaide in the past survey.

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Had to laugh listening to KTM podcast this week, they played the new track Blow by Stapleton/Sheeran/Mars and Marty interrupted Tim coming back from the song asking if “Nova were aware that song had a guitar in it” haha. Good to hear something that wasn’t Dua Lipa or Pink being played.


Hit105 or Fox FM probably beat Nova in the CHR category

Listening a bit to hit105 too and I am finding Nova106.9 beats them with more CHR variety though.


IMO the playlist of Nova 96.9 is greatly improving, and it is good to see them trying new things and getting some more alternative songs on.

In the past week I heard the Bad Touch, by the Bloodhound Gang. Today they played two throwbacks that are first plays for them which are regulars on Nova 106.9, Cinema by Benny Benassi, and Shimmer by Fuel.
Much better then the Dj has us falling in love which got played daily under their Greatest Shits Workday.

These songs are getting played on Smalzy’s morning show. After 12pm it goes back to the standard Nova 96.9 playlist that is shared with Nova 100.

Nova 96.9 is getting closer to being a Nova 106.9 lite!!!

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I heard that one and I was shocked to hear it. They need more like it and less of the ten artists that get played incessantly Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake, Beyonce, Bruno Mars, Rihanna, Ed Sheeran etc

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I could go without hearing Fuel on a hit music station to be honest.

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For me it was Cinema, great to hear that one get a play.

BTW great Podcast on Radio Today interviewing Smallzy. He said management are trying to mix things up and giving him more freedom to break new music on his morning show.
I have noticed this and the more alt throwbacks.
His morning show is live and nights are now prerecorded.


Heard a CommSec finance report on Nova 100 just after 8am today. Is it for promotion or is Nova serious about news?
CommSec analysts are also heard on ABC News Radio at 6.35am AEST on weekdays.

Heard it on Nova 96.9 last Friday at 7am. When I heard it I thought WTF this does not really fit a CHR station who’s biggest audience is in the under 30 demos.

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