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Dave McClung is employed by Nova in Perth and produces logs for 93.7

Dave moved to Pyrmont last year as Nova 96.9 Operations Manager -

oops, midnight madness, forgot!

Just had a look on Lava which confirms this -
Nova 919: July 5th, 2019 - 9am-4pm ACST
Nova 937: July 5th, 2019 - 9am-4pm AWST

And yes, they really played ABBA.

Yes they did!! They may have dropped the Great Hits Work Day but, Nova 937, Nova 919 and Nova 106.9 are really going older in their playlists especially on Friday’s. An
ABA song from 1975 on Nova 919 / Nova 937, Electric Blue by Ice House on Nova 106.9.

The Nova 96.9 / 100 log would be the most modern but their throwbacks are the safest and the same ones played every Friday. Don’t have the variety of the other stations which we have been commenting on.

I’ve given up after hearing the same mouldy oldie tracks three or four times in the same week. I listen to The Edge on weekdays now and only listen to Fitzy and Wipp at breakfast and Kate, Tim and Marty in drive but flick between stations when the rubbish oldies are on.

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Are Fitzy and Wippa on their two week break now?

Yes, they are. Seems like they took it to coincide with school holidays rather than the survey break.

I wonder if it’s just one week though.

Fitzy said a couple of weeks off on Friday at the end of the show.

So everyone will be back live July 15 and they’ll be on repeats.

Not the best strategy.

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Oh ok makes sense. Sydney school holidays must always start one week later than Vic school hols


THAT’S the cheeky Nova brand I miss.


Listening to a bit of Kate, Tim and Marty on Snow Canberra. It’s like listening to school boy dirty talk in the playground that’s approaching Donald Trump style locker room talk. AKA, it’s rubbish.

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You have terrible taste

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Just in case anyone has been living under a rock… Nov106.9 has the BEST playlist in Australia.

Tell me any station that beats it in this category.

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I agree with that, finely Nova 96.9 is starting to play a couple of the throwbacks that would only get played on Nova 106.9.

I also enjoy the playlist of Eagle / Snow fm. But Nova 106.9 is the best by far.

East coast stations Nova 96.9 / 100 and 106.9 should all go off the Nova 106.9 log.

Nova 919 and Nova 937 should stay on the Nova 937 log, as it has proven successful so far in Adelaide in the past survey.

Had to laugh listening to KTM podcast this week, they played the new track Blow by Stapleton/Sheeran/Mars and Marty interrupted Tim coming back from the song asking if “Nova were aware that song had a guitar in it” haha. Good to hear something that wasn’t Dua Lipa or Pink being played.