Nine (WIN)

well considering Bruce Gordon has a strong connection with the area, doesn’t really surprise me at all

Interesting. We know Nine no longer does clean feeds for affiliates, but I wonder what’s stopping WIN from using a dirty HD feed?

WIN still cuts away from the dirty Sydney/Melbourne feed etc. for Hot Seat and WIN News. Think it was just the case of the episode being sent at a lower resolution. The :::9 watermark was still HD though.

Yeah I’m aware of that. I still wonder why WIN can’t use a dirty HD source for their breakaway Hot Seat.

Really? Perhaps there was an SD 9 watermark underneath it and WIN still keys in their version of the watermark on top. Was it brighter than normal?

Because it airs half an hour earlier from 4:30pm on WIN so there is no dirty source.

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Right, so the NPC changes mustn’t affect unaired sources. I figured WIN’s copy of Hot Seat would be dirty since these changes. The fact it’s SD suggests something related is going on though.

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Looked to be HD in Queensland


Speaking of Hot Seat, my mum and I were watching via WIN SD Illawarra (I’ve tried to tell her to use WIN HD but Ch. 8 just seems to be easier) last night and we saw what looked to be a couple of playout glitches. A few times the picture would flash on and off to black and appear fast-forwarding or rewinding as it did so. The glitch would only last for maybe 15-30 seconds at a time and always seemed to settle down back where we left the program, i.e. no questions skipped or replayed. The Nine watermark stayed on screen the entire time. It happened a few times throughout the program, and I was surprised something like that could even happen, especially multiple times, cause I thought playout was automated.

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I get what you are saying. But I would think unaired content is simply transferred clean via something as simple as FTP from NPC to Mediahub for manual playout for WIN.

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I looks like it has started up again, here’s a screenshot of the live channel:

and the radio channel also seems to be in operation:


I’ve seen this exact same thing happen on WIN a handful of times in the past as well, where the vision would freeze and repeat and then fast forward and slow down for a while before fixing.

Good ol’ fashioned tape spooling and poor cue marking.

9HD WA is not well since yesterday. There is a distorted digital crackle on the audio - during commercials and programme. And the left 5% of the screen has been shifted from the right side. Like the old vertical hold needs adjusting.

During commercials the 5% strip on the left doesn’t match, possibly showing the dirty feed underneath.


A similar thing happened in the last year or so under 10 affiliation which went unnoticed. Not this bad, but a lot of black artifacts in the left 20 or so pixels, as well as the picture shifted down a few pixels. All in the same area. Could be related


Guys look at this mess on GOLD
Watermark looks garbage and is not even HD in 2022 :slightly_frowning_face: any ideas
I know its WIN and they wouldn’t have the budget but still that is ridiculous

Not to mention the lack of transparency and sizing ratio and the logo not being in the corner

Its a home shopping channel. Who cares?
Would prefer the channel is removed before being HD


Just for fun what do you think WIN might replace it with if thatever happened? Some sort of community funded channel sponsored by them giving airtime etc

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Give the spectrum to the existing channels


How come they still have it


  • If bought out by Nine or channels are reshuffled in line with metro (which I hope will happen, I don’t like how WIN’s numbers stick out like a sore thumb), replaced by Extra and moved to 87 or keep the channel and move to 87.
  • 85 is replaced by 9GemHD (10 Shake, 7mateHD and 7Bravo have launched after GemHD and have been launched in regional areas)
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