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It is well known within the industry that the relationship between Nine and WIN has been poisonous for many years now. And as Seven is a direct competitor in QLD against WIN, I still can not see Sky News Oz being allowed to be sourced by WIN for a national news service.

Yeah good question, for WIN viewers U2 will only see half a concert. :wink:
Looks like I miss out on the classic 9 movie on new years , you can’t stop the music, WIN will be pleading you can’t cut the feed. :smiley: :scissors:

Considering how terrible Sky’s product is, it’s hardly likely Seven would be worried about WIN taking it in the areas they compete. Indeed it’s in Seven’s interest to prolong the situation of there being no Nine affiliate in the market.

I don’t think Sky are a likely source for news for WIN - but I strongly doubt that the part interest of their owners is going to have any influence over what would happen if they did.

Both parties are only going to hurt themselves if the plug is pulled on the Nine feed to WIN at midnight tonight. I’d like to think that sanity will prevail in the next 17.5 hours and SOMETHING will be negotiated.

WIN will get very little revenue (only getting ad revenue for its own programming such as Crawfords) whilst Nine will get nothing at all from WIN.

Interesting that the SMH article suggests that WIN Corp is valued at “up to $300 mil” and Nine is worth 5-10 times that. Given that Nine paid $250 mil for NBN 8 years ago (perhaps too much), I would have thought WIN comparatively speaking would be worth more than $300 mil?

To compensate for the loss of WIN signal if it occurs, I think Foxtel should offer regional areas a SD version of channel nine from Brisbane or Sydney or whatever.

I’m extremely very disappointed that the executives of both WIN and nine could act like children and not negotiate as sensibly as they can. Maybe feeling very disappointed is a huge understatement in how I feel now.

To make matters worse this outcome could have been prevented. At a time when everybody is supposed to enjoy the festive season.

Both WIN and nine should be ashamed of themselves.

An agreement has been signed.

"Nine Entertainment Co. (ASX:NEC) and WIN Corporation (WIN) have today agreed to extend their affiliation agreement for 6 months to 30 June 2016, on terms that provide for additional payments to Nine over that period. NEC and WIN have also agreed to work together on a range of opportunities relating to their content and to the mutual growth of their respective businesses. The agreement continues the 27 year partnership between the two networks, and ensures continuing carriage of Nine Network’s programming to all Australian homes.

Hugh Marks, CEO of NEC, said “Broadcast television is evolving, but the role of the affiliate and its relationship with the local community remains important. This extended deal with WIN ensures Nine’s premium content continues to be available to all Australians for free, 24 hours a day.”

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“on terms that provide for additional payments to Nine over that period.”

Which means ?

It means that WIN have agreed to pay Nine additional payments over the term of their six month agreement.

Now that that’s been sorted, I suppose it’s full steam ahead for the speculation train now that WIN and Southern Cross now both have affiliation agreements expiring on 30 June

Is that additional payment their advertising revenue that Nine was wanting ?

Being such a short term deal, very doubtful WIN HD will happen now, too much money to spend for such a limited lifespan. Meantime the WIN main channel cheapskate picture quality which is the worst in the country will continue. WIN GEM HD might be split up into WIN GEM SD and WIN LIFE SD now, as there is no requirement for mandated HD anymore if I am correct.

Cue WIN cutting more of their 30 minute News bulletins now and blaming increased cost demands from NINE.

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I’d dare say by June 30 that the Reach Rule will be abolished and Nine and WIN would have merged by then.

I personally think that the reach rule is unlikely to be dropped until at least after the Federal Election, but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens!

In any case, it’ll be very interesting to see what happens with both WIN and SCA in mid-2016.

I’m guessing we will now see 9Life pop us soon by the sounds of that agreement.

Wouldn’t it be silly to spend money prior to an acquisition ?

It will probably be on 9Now before it gets to free to air ?

WIN would have to either drop one of the GOLD channels or make GEM an SD station to fit 9Life in

This looks like a set up to switch affiliation with both ending in June or merger plans. Wonder if WIN will get the new channel and graphics now.

now that a agreement has been made much to be my relief I don’t think there will be any changes to the IDs for the time being until something more concrete is worked out 6 months down the track Basically things will probably stay the same for the time being. Maybe a few local news services will be axed in the meantime.

Until things are set in concrete six months down the track, I am not expecting WIN to launch a HD channel or Life until more permanent arrangements are set in stone. I warn that Nine can still restart discussions with SCA if they want to. But the biggest game changer is the scrapping of the reach rule so until the legalisation s changed I don’t think anything will change in the mean time.

P.S I admitted I was extremely disappointed earlier before the announcement was made because i thought the bosses of both WIN and Nine were behaving like children who had lots of opportunities to negotiate in good faith, but left it to the last minute.

business negotiations are never guaranteed to run smoothly or come to a tidy conclusion. That’s business, it’s nothing to do about “behaving like children”, if the businesses can’t come to a mutually agreeable solution then sometimes deals fall over. We saw it many years ago with Nine and QTV. Stuff happens.

It’s rather odd - because a 6 month deal backs WIN into a corner in 6 months time. Unless the outcome is Nine purchasing/merging with WIN, it’s hard to see it not resulting in a deal with Southern Cross - if WIN were prepared to pay Nine’s asking rate, they’d have done a multi-year deal.