Nine (WIN)

Currently in the sticks watching alot of WIN. The aerial’s busted and we can only pick up WIN and the multi channels.

Watching pretty much from late afternoon each day and have noticed how much they seem to air promos for One - A League and Sunday night movie and Eleven - Will and Grace. Can’t say I’ve noticed Ten doing this.

Pretty uniquely busted antenna to be receiving German TV.


I broke it :laughing::laughing::laughing:

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In yesterdays Daily Telegraph, it still lists WIN/SC Ten as the Ten affiliates… Someone should tell them Bruce Gordon bought SC Ten (formerly known as NRN/RTN and NRTV)

SCA still operates three Ten affiliates.

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yes but are they in NSW???

Was it a story or the TV Guide?

Technically SC Ten still operates in Broken Hill, NSW.

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in the tv guide page yesterday

That’s nothing, the TV guides in Sydney’s newspapers referred to the Ten affiliates as “North/South” (or “South/North”) for probably all of the 2002-2016 era that Southern Cross Ten branding was in use!

Although I’d probably class the July 2016-August 2017 on-air era of NRN (and still with the Network Ten services in the GTS/BKN viewing area) as “SCA Ten” rather than “Southern Cross Ten” myself.

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I suppose, it wasnt that long ago that they were still referring to WIN as Nine affiliate, even after the changeover… so as you pointed out maybe given them a few years to sort it out… and by that stage, if Bruce Gordon has his way, he may be the 7 affiliate in NSW, VIC, WA and Tas

The guides are a mess everywhere. I think HBB provide guides for most publications. Seven West Media’s regional newspapers in WA still don’t acknowledge the existence of Food Network and NITV!


dont u worry he might stil the 7 affiliate esp if the cbs ten on win ever goes belly up lol

It wouldn’t be the first time WIN was the Seven affiliate, in SA at least…

Something wrong at MediaHub.

Ad break on WIN is completely fucked up.
Some ads keep repeating the same audio over and over, then the screen freezes… then the audio/video go out of sync.

Problems stop as soon as we return to the programme.

EDIT: Issue has spread into Dr Phil now.


Does anyone find when trying onwatch a program on win, their eyes are just drawn to the big blue Australia?


Why do you think members have been discussing their hate for it for the last year?


Good point… I guess that was stupid of me. Why don’t the use the small blue circle instead, how they do when they advertise a ten program, oh wait, sorry, that stupid of me as well, I forgot that Bruce would hate that

I do like circle WIN logo, but I’d prefer nothing coloured at all as the watermark. What they had when they first changed to Ten affiliation was great.


Is the weather presenter on Melbourne en eyewitness news the old abc3 presenter?