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Yes, the West Digital Television versions of Ten, One and Eleven are currently showing the loop. WIN’s versions of One and Eleven are live albeit allocated incorrectly.

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You would but very unlikely to see them promote Nine’s online streaming.


Full video of the change from WIN GEM to ELEVEN on LCN 82:


A segment of Studio 10 was shown as filler between infomercials:

The PRG:

Apologies for the breaks in the picture/audio, I’m only getting marginal reception of WIN.


The PRG animation is excellent. Bigger cover-up version:


A thread for West Digital Television has been created.

Studio 10 on WIN. No clock or weather flipper because they are using clean feed.


Looks like a NBN watermark

Living Room promo

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Why don’t they add their own weather flipper ?



They possibly will once things settle down and they work out exactly what the clean feed is missing.

But really, why can’t the weather flipper and time be embedded in the clean fees by TEN like what NINE do with Today?

Project promo

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Because they’re state controlled? Wouldn’t that require TEN metros to add all regional locations and weather. Not sure

Wouldn’t they have separate clean feeds for each state anyway to deal with news and programming differences? It would just be Tasmania that would have to make do with the Victorian version.

Going to take me so long to realise they are with TEN.
For a second one I wondered why that show was on, and not Today Extra

Just saw a TEN Metro advert on ELEVEN

Is it just me or do others think ONE and ELEVEN don’t look as nice anymore now that they’re via WIN?

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Some others mentioned earlier than the picture is software through WIN

Guys regarding weather, I’m pretty sure TEN Sydney (national broadcast centre) insert all the weather graphics for each market?

Just like BCM control the time for Sunrise, etc.

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