Nine Tennis Coverage


Or he was purposely sidelined.


Or that too…


Maybe he was tired…


Knew it would be too much.


After the post match talk, nine went to replay of men’s doubles final.

Telecast finished at 11:55pm (AEDT)


Hugh Marks has told The Australian that Nine spent $55 million on the coverage this year and bought in $45 million in revenue meaning a loss of $10 million on the tennis. However it is an improvement on Nine’s estimated annual loss of $35 million covering the cricket. Nine expects to break even next summer and make a profit the year after.


Was this due to them having to buy beds for their stars to sleep in, to help them get over the tiredness? :face_with_monocle:


Seems odd to promote it then not bother with it.


Oh gosh, News.Ltd having a whinge about Nine and the tennis coverage. Hands up who is surprised? They have flogged Nine at every chance during the tennis, based solely on Twitter feed information; the true place for news.

Is Murdoch upset that is hunchmen got cricket when they should have got tennis for Foxtel? Whoops missed the true golden egg for the fake Australian Cricket one.


Is Hugh Marks indicating they’re happy, disappointed or neutral at this stage with their tennis acquisition?


Isn’t this news .com .au 's modus operandi these days?
Very few actual news stories, but a lot of “this bellend didn’t like something on twitter”.
What I saw of 9’s tennis coverage I was as impressed as I had been with 7’s. Didn’t actually think the coverage was overly different.


The studio and people’s court made the biggest difference for mine


Happy because it’s more cost-effective


In 2019 After paying tennis australia $48.5 Million in Broadcasting rights it only cost Ch 9 $6.5 Million in Production Costs.


Do you think Nine would be disappointed with the one-sided prime time matches in Week 2 finals (apart from a couple including the Women’s Final)?

Or would they have factored that in when doing their research/modeling before purchasing the rights?

I guess unlike AFL or NRL Grand Finals which draw in the mass audiences from traditional Melbourne and Sydney heartland year in year out regardless of the contest, the Aus Open Final has fluctuated heaps over the years, it took a decade to get a a bigger audience than the previous 9 years in 2017 after Fed vs. Nadal!


It’s always been News MO, but now that Nine own the former Fairfax papers, I’ve noticed a sharp increase in their criticism of Nine.

Rumours also continue to abound that News and Seven West are going to jump into bed at some point


Overall, I think Nine’s coverage was an overall improvement on Seven’s. James Bracey and Bec Maddern have certainly impressed! TJ not so much


I think that Channel 9’s coverage was great overall. And the main reason for me is that they continued on with what Seven was doing with a couple of small tweaks here and there. The People’s Court was a good addition to the coverage but ultimately didn’t affect the tennis and the matches. Solid hosts and a cohesive graphics package.

Like anything in sport, one sided matches in the second week are unavoidable. They are factored in.


I think Nine should use its own graphics from next year, rather than AO’s world feed graphics which are too dark.


I was at the Australian Open in Garden Square and the full performance was shown on the big screen. Weird of Nine to cut his performance.