Nine Tennis Coverage


Makes kind of a dull match interesting, can’t fault them


Hopefully he won’t bring his massive ego that he has on court to his commentary.


Two big nights of tennis now for Nine, with no FTA competition tonight or tomorrow and Aussies still in action both days…


Still no HD watermark!!


Time to watch on mute. What a STRANGE decision.


Did Rebecca Maddern look tired? :stuck_out_tongue:


No, but she also looked ready to get the hell outta there, cutting right after the match to Bec and a quick 10sec wrap, not even “we know it’s very late but those who stayed to watch thanks”


Who’s that male who’s been hosting the 9Gem coverage today, sounds a bit like Mike Amor LOL?


Not watching, but is it Seb Costello? He has been hosting on 9Gem.


Cameron Williams has been hosting on 9Gem this afternoon


Yes, just heard him sign off and pass to Erin Molan at 4:40pm. I did wonder if it was him earlier, just sounded different for some reason.


Do we see presenters on gem of just hear voices?


Unlike Seven, we do see them. They’re up in that studio in RLA that Seven used as their host position.


Seen a strange male voiceover doing the sponsor billboards on the 9now during the Australian Open Stream that was not on TV.


Maybe he was tired?


They just played it in Melbourne.
Certainly not the usual voiceover.
Even the font at the bottom is different .


It’s not a Nine sponsor billboard. It’s another weird Uber Eats ad stylised as one


Telecasted ended at 1.18am tonight with Tony Jones hosting. A long day for him and he must be feeling extremely tired :wink:


Yes, I hear he is going straight to bed as he will need to wake up for work again tomorrow. He will probably eat some kind of breakfast meal.


Are you sure he was tired in that shot?
He is clearly smiling… and I know that if I was tired I’d look grumpy!