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With the new ratings system it’s a disadvantage for Nine to have the final night split into the multiple segments. The highest “reach” figure possible is when there is just one coding for the match. So while the whole game will might get a total cumulative reach of say 5 million or more, each split will have a lower reach number.


I thought it was weird this morning on Seven Early News that their report on last night’s Aus Open final was somehow using an unofficial clean feed (although the first part of it had an “AO” watermark - maybe a World Feed), yet pretty much every other bulletin over the past couple of weeks or so let alone all of January managed to use Nine’s official broadcast showing their watermark.

Even if, as OnAir has suggested before, their recording equipment failed, they could’ve seen if another newsroom captured it or network pools or easily jumped on 9Now or Stan Sport for full match replay, mini or highlights (which they and other networks’ news had also done often).

Almost comes across as a bit of sour grapes and not being fair to their rivals, if it was indeed intentional. And then there was that bizarre sudden end to last night’s cricket.

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AO watermark is carried top left of the world feed.
Possible they got it from one of their overseas partners or elsewhere. I don’t know workflow for 7 at that time of the morning but could be something as simple as a sports producer picking up an overseas feed to save time at the time of the morning, given it probably wouldn’t have been left by staff the previous night given the late finish.


Just saw opener of Seven Morning News too and yep same thing, vision with an “AO” watermark in top-right, but that’s a fair point about Sunday staff very late and short turn arounds for earlier next day bulletins and often by 6pm bulletins the reports are totally different, different reporter, footage and more thorough, sometimes market specific and Melbourne for example maybe a couple of reports. So I guess we’ll see during the day.

But as Bracey said a few times last night (and him and other hosts/callers during the tournament), “you’re watching Nine’s exclusive, live and free…”


Bear in mind it’s more effort (probably) to source an overseas feed or highlights etc than to pull up 9 on an internal logger. I would doubt it’d be malicious.


I wonder how Nine covered the Australian Open in its news bulletins before they acquired the broadcasting rights in 2018… would they have used the world feed, or footage from Seven’s broadcast?

I know for AFL when they recap Seven matches, they use footage from Fox Footy; likewise when Seven and Ten recap Nine league matches they actually use the Fox broadcast.

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In Ann Sanders’s live voiced report just before on the PM getting booed inside RLA during the presentation, they did use Nine’s vision (although even that looked odd like poor quality and sort of zoomed - maybe that was from social or 9Now), before going to that clean (albeit top-right “AO”) vision quickly summating the match, before saying “a full match report coming up during sport”.

I’d think they’d have used Seven’s broadcast footage.

Like all networks always and only used to be able to do, more so before the more advanced digital age, social, bvod, svod and all. Can’t recall them going out of their way to source global satellite feeds, which would be without Aussie commentary, flavour and off-court stuff as well.

Here is Nine News’ report on Hewitt’s famous 4:30am finish victory to Baghdatis 16 years ago in 2008, using/showing Seven:

Yes, that’s because they can and of course do, if you don’t need to show your rivals watermark… Why would you.

The glaring difference here, with the Aus Open, is Nine have exclusivity, that’s what they acquired and therefore deserve.
But unlike similarly with the Olympics, we know the IOC set out very strict rules regarding this and Seven will of course have to abide and you’ll no doubt only see Nine’s vision during any footage in non-Nine news bulletins.


Nine have a contract with Fox where they get to use whatever AFL footage (included Eddie working on sport as well) and can request footage as long as they use Fox.

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That’s why I watch the Stan Sport coverage most times


Courtesy: TheSifon

Found this 2009 US Open opener from Channel Nine. As Todd Woodbridge would’ve been employed by Channel Seven at the time, I would like to think that Nine used the world feed commentary, instead of their own.


Crazy how WWOS has the same theme sound and logo

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I think Nine has had the same opening WWOS audio theme since then, though I can’t remember when they changed to the current red dotty-themed graphic opener (if I had to guess, I’d say 2012).

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It’s iconic


They didn’t even show that men’s final live

Tim Sheridan, blast from the wwos past, he was great at Nine, memories of all his Wimbledons.

He was there just about as long as Ken Sutcliffe, who always seemed to get the more prime gigs and ‘name’ for himself.


Channel Nine’s coverage of the 1997 US Open match between Pat Rafter and Andre Agassi.

Courtesy: PertSnergleman

Back then, it was to my knowledge that local night matches would only air on Nine if it featured an Australian, otherwise its daily US Open coverage would end just before Today.


Tennis Australia is pondering the introduction of a historic Sunday night women’s final, with all manner of format tweaks on the table during its annual Australian Open debrief.

Playing the women’s championship decider, which can only go a maximum of three sets, on a Sunday night would offer sports lovers a definitive 10.30pm finish on Australia’s east coast.

It would also thrust the women further into the spotlight at what would be the first grand slam to stage their title match as the climax of the tournament.

A Saturday night men’s final would also be more appealing for fans willing to stay up to the death.


Surely this will not happen, can’t see Nine agreeing to it at all, ‘if it ain’t broke, why fix it’. There have been some memorable Saturday night women’s finals and top raters to boot, you only have to go back a couple of years to Ash Barty or fairytale Serena v Venus in 2017 or Serena in 2010, 2009, 2007 and 2005.

There must be something we’re missing here, is it purely a short one-sided encounter (which yes did occur this year) they’re worried about? Like all sports (e.g.) AFL GFs, that’s just tough luck isn’t it?

Wonder if global broadcasters or other stakeholders are pushing TA/AO for some reason(s)?


I think it’s really as simple as people are more willing to stay up for a five setter on a Saturday night than they would be on a Sunday night- which can drag very late w presentations.

I’m not sold on the idea but it’s worth further thought.


I think switching the men’s final and women’s final has merit. It’s taking advantage of all night public transport in Melbourne on late Saturday night.