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Based on achievement obviously.


Right. So, no negative news on the woes of the ABC in terms of ratings, or dire content, but plenty of analogous stories based on the commercial networks…

I don’t know how some can’t pick up the “whiff” from Fairfax of everything being presented in pro-ABC, anti-Liberal tones…it is ridiculously over the top and permeates through everything published.


You just said they ran a story about the dire future of comedy on the ABC.


It’s not promotional material, choose another news provider if you don’t like it.


Because of Liberal cuts…their actual review of the content itself was that you should “catch it while you can”…

The distinction is quite clear…they’re not saying the ABC comedy product is dire…


It’s LITERALLY saying to catch up with ABC content while you can! LOL. If that’s not promotional, I have no idea what is.


Which is fact. Maybe you should stick to the alternative facts provided by the alternative media who believe the ABC shouldn’t exist but it has nothing to do with furthering their own business interests. :joy:


Right. So now I understand - some media sources are inherently biased, but Fairfax definitely isn’t. Give me a break.

Fairfax doesn’t provide alternative or fake facts…BUT…everything is couched in very anti-Liberal, anti-right wing tones, and when it concerns the ABC…very often pro-ABC tones. It’s inescapable.


Don’t be hysterical. I didn’t say any of that and don’t try to make it look like I did. Take your pills and come back to the forum when you’ve calmed down.


No, you just mockingly and sarcastically told me to go read “alternative facts” from “alternative media” instead. :roll_eyes:

You actually said some media sources are biased. Presumably, you don’t think Fairfax is. Presumably you don’t think Fairfax provides alternative or fake facts either. What exactly are you disputing? :thinking:


Lighten up. You’re reading too much into everything. You need some time out, mate.


The ratings story was probably headlined that because “Alan Jones wins again” isn’t a very enticing headline after 87 times or however many wins he’s had.

They need to find some angle to at least make an article half interesting.

Last ratings survey they headlined with Em Rusciano. ABC didn’t even crack a mention until the 16th paragraph

And some of the other past radio ratings wrap-ups don’t have ABC mentioned in any headline:

But here’s Alan Jones and 2GB getting a headline only as far back as April:

And considering that Fairfax Media is a significant shareholder in 2GB and 3AW there must be something in the slogan “Independent Always” that their news sites are not relentlessly plugging 2GB and 3AW’s ratings survey after survey.

As for the opinion piece… well I haven’t read it. But an article tagged as an opinion piece is just that. All media outlets do them. And Fairfax Media will spend just as much effort relentlessly recapping or opining about MasterChef or The Bachelor or Married At First Sight or Yummy Mummies or whatever reality craze is so hot right now. If they want to do one piece to praise the ABC well good luck to them.


Well said.

Judging by how often those recap articles are brought up, they must be popular. Opinion articles are always click generators as well.

Fairfax is just doing as the free market dictates.


Thanks, those examples just prove my point. “Closing in”, “good news” some of the terms used.

No mention at all of a station in second place (who happens to the ABC in this example) “battling” the first (Alan Jones).

Why was Nova 93.7 not “battling” Mix 94.5?
Why was Mix 94.5 referred to as “king” in their headline but not Alan Jones?

But “Nova’s Ash, Kip and Luttsy reclaim radio crown” is enticing…?
If he’s won so many times, why wasn’t he referred to in flattering terms as Mix 94.5 was, as “radio king”?

Language matters…


Please read it then, otherwise, I’m not sure what you’re referring to. “All media outlets” do not do “opinion pieces” on “reality crazes” which end up as a point about Liberal government cuts, I’m sure you’d agree…

If they want to do pieces praising low-rating, cringe ABC comedy, good luck to them, and good luck to me highlighting how misplaced, awkward and obviously suited to an agenda they are…


Did you even read it? That comment shows you did not, or did but did not comprehend it. I suspect the former.


Should governments be above criticism over some of the choices they make? I’m sure Fairfax Media is not the first, and certainly not the last, media outlet to be critical of government cuts.


Sure, government cuts to health or education, definitely. Government cuts such that the ABC is making ~x% less hours per year of comedy? Hmm…

It’s not the government’s issue how the ABC allocates its budget…

Yes you’re saying Fairfax is highlighting an issue of how the ABC receiving less funding overall is impacting its output…sure, where’s the counterbalance to that? Taking their reporting as a whole on the ABC, I don’t find it very balanced…


Another prominent article for the bandana bozo and his Republican ranting - although I’m susprised Fairfax actually published what’s blatantly a bit of promotion for his cause:

For the Ludlam episode highlights how absurd the situation is now, and how this farce must end. Don’t just nod your head in furious agreement. Join us! Help us make this happen!

Peter FitzSimons is chair of the Australian Republic Movement.



Seriously, how much more can Fairfax milk out of this person. She’s leaving the country. Everyone’s happy about it. End of story, hopefully…

Look at this. They actually want to make her into a martyr:

She’s not “another woman”. She’s a serial media pest, who has been leeching off the public purse in various forms including overseas travel, whilst making provocative, trolling statements about the taxpayers that have been funding her.

But above all, in the context of Fairfax Media, I love the stupidity of compiling an article about how she’s a woman burned at the public stake, on the basis of new comments from Prue MacSween this week. I forgot Prue was a man. :roll_eyes: