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Not at all. These stats are something many people are very interested in. There were quite a few conversation starters out of the census at work over the past couple of days.


I agree, and that analysis is providing actual value to readers; we’re not all demography experts/aren’t going to be aware of the other background facts and have the same perspective that helps see meaning in the numbers.


It’s clearly marked ‘Comment’ at the top. What do you expect?


Exaclty like when Miranda Devine or Andrew Bolt are frothing at the mouth. It’s comment/opinion/editorial. Take your pick… they’re meant to be one sided, bias and emotive.


AFR reports that the two private equity firms TPG and Hellman & Friedman failed to lodge a bid by Friday’s deadline, so Fairfax will go ahead with its plan of spinning off Domain.


I’ve deleted a shit-ton of posts in here and have no desire to keep doing it. Reasonable media analysis is fine, baiting and off-topic posts are not. That goes for all of you.


The Melbourne-based author and Fairfax columnist has regularly spoken about being the target of graphic abuse, trolling and death threats from men on social media.
But a picture shows that when signing one copy of her latest book, ‘Fight Like a Girl’, Ms Ford wrote to a fan: ‘Have you killed any men today? And if not, why not?’

There must be serious questions now asked about Fairfax employing someone that advocates death based on gender.


Now, time for some actual analysis of the stats, how the media has reported them, and what the policy implications are those stats are.

Have been reviewing the 2016 Census data online (no access to a Fairfax newspaper in Western Australia to trawl through for stats!).

There were 1,300 people who provided a sex or gender response other than male or female that could be validated

Did the relevant pages in Fairfax papers mention that the ABS could only validate 1,300 responses of individuals who identify as something other than male or female? Because this is a sample of their coverage in this area recently:

An example of one of the passages in that article:

Polarised attitudes towards trans women suggest our gender-diverse community needs to discuss what it means to be a woman.

So, what “conversation” will Fairfax be starting after the “analysis” of the Census data which shows that we are in fact not a “gender-diverse community”?

It’s no good being impressed with numbers printed on pages, if you’re not going to critically analyse if the content produced by this media organisation is truthfully reflective of the Australian community, as evidenced by those statistics.

Food for thought.


The future of newspapers as told by “Mad As Hell”. This little dig about investors only interested in the Domain section of the newspaper and not caring about the news itself was priceless.


I’m sure they’ve sacked columnists in the past for doing less. Such as Catherine Deveny.

But Clem Ford comes as clickbait so Fairfax will probably deem keeping her worthwhile :persevere:


Annabel Crabb’s column in The Sunday Age and The Sun-Herald finished yesterday. She told The Australian she wanted some time out to spend with her family after writing her column for the past five years and making the 6-part Parliament House series The House for the ABC.


Hmm, two of the ABC promotional “reports” in the top section of the SMH at the moment.

Why does Fairfax give disproportionate coverage to pieces on the ABC which are not news? :thinking:


One’s a news report about radio ratings and a host who is challenging 2GB’s (part owned by Fairfax) and the other is an analytical piece on the decline of Australian comedy and drama as raised in Senate estimates on the last network that regularly commissions comedy - some terrible, some spot on - like Utopia. A decline in output from the ABC ought to be reported and analysed.


Presented in a way where the “ABC” takes up a “battle” against “Alan Jones”? Why specify the station of Robbie, but not of Alan Jones? What a loaded headline and report…


…that blames Liberal budget cuts. Never mind the fact that ABC “comedy” is absolute cringe, and that’s why it’s failing recently…


Have you tried Utopia? I think you’d enjoy it, but otherwise there’s not much else I dip into.


Get over your petty obsession with the ABC and Fairfax. It’s not good for your health.


Well, it’d be nice if I visited a Fairfax website, to check up on news, and not be bombarded with BS promotional material for the ABC.


And coming right after stories about scandalous lawsuits and moronic reality shows on one commercial channel, receivership woes on another and don’t worry they also covered the ratings victory of the mindless competition reality show on another.


So why no negative news on the ABC then…? If it’s open slather on every other channel… :thinking: :wink: