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Fairfax’s Good Food Guide is going national for the first time. Good Food Guide has previously been published under The Age (Melbourne) and SMH (Sydney) editions while a Brisbane edition was added in 2015. The 2018 edition, on sale later this year, will review restaurants in Canberra, Adelaide, Perth, Hobart and Darwin for the first time.


That’s not entirely correct. The SMH Good Food Guide has covered restaurants in regional NSW and Canberra for many years.


A second bid for Fairfax has been made.

Hellman and Friedman lob rival bid for Fairfax

Fairfax has received a competing bid from global private equity firm Hellman & Friedman which valued the company at $1.225 to $1.25 a share.

The fresh bid values Fairfax (FXJ) at $3 billion, slightly higher than the revised $1.20 all-cash offer made by TPG and the its partner the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan on Monday.

H&F is based in San Francisco and New York and is an established media investor.

It currently owns Getty Images, Eller Media, Internet Brands, Young and Rubicam and Formula One.


Hellman and Friedman bough Getty Images in 2008 before selling it to rival private equity group Carlyle in 2012. Also Liberty Media currently owns F1. Not sure how Fairfax got both wrong in the press release. Anyway, it’s interesting that two large foreign private equity firms are interested in Fairfax.


Mumbrella has named several journalists who are leaving Fairfax in the latest round of voluntary redundancy. It includes The Age senior AFL writer Rohan Connolly (it’s sad he won’t see out the end of the AFL season with the paper), SMH court reporter Louise Hall, senior writer Adam Morton, digital editor Stephen Hutcheon, national social media editor Georgia Waters, chief editorial writer and columnist Alan Stokes and national video news editor Simon Morris. Also, 12 of 25 full-time video team staff across the country will depart.

EDIT: The Age Victorian political editor Josh Gordon tweeted this morning he was also quitting the paper after 17 years.


Fairfax uses video from Ten, so when Ten cuts their news resources Fairfax will have less content from Ten. They’ll have to resort to more videos from Facebook and YouTube.


Columnist Martin Flanagan and journalist Samantha Lane both announced on the weekend they were leaving The Age. Lane however will continue to be seen on Channel Seven’s AFL and AFLW coverage.


The Age political editor and author Michael Gordon, who is leaving the paper this week after working there for 44 years, has received tributes from both sides of politics during Parliament Question Time today.


Last one to go turn out the lights?


I know Fairfax has lost some good people in the previous rounds of redundancies, but this time round there is certainly a lot of talent and experience walking out the door. I don’t know how they can continue to claim that their cuts will not affect the quality of journalism - with so many good journos gone their papers will undoubtedly be thinner and weaker going forward.


Some of their clickbaity headlines are truly embarrassing. It just looks awkward trying to mix legitimate news headlines with clickbait on the same page. They should just pick a side and go with it and not be this weird hybrid.

Either that or keep the masthead websites for the actual/serious news and create their own off-shoot website for the tabloid and clickbaity crap.


Biggest or newest story? Note your screenshot says the commentary was uploaded 50 minutes prior.


Your argument read to me that they were suggesting through the placement that their biggest story at that time was that commentary, but it was probably only at the top because it was the newest. I do not think there is suggestion by SMH that it is their ‘top’ story in terms of biggest story breaking.

Like when you watch the 6pm news, the stories are generally ordered by biggest onwards. But it is not necessarily the same in this scenario.

Edit: edited for clarification.


(Dare I ask) Which paper?
(Just as an aside, as all the Fairfax Media websites have the same look except for the masthead & URL).

It is sad that click-bait is what’s rewarded but - like junk e-mail - there must be enough fools out there that encourage this sort of nonsense.


Apart from the headline (probably dreamt up by a pimply intern), what’s misleading about the article?


So you can only have NewsCorp’s quality journalism.

Welcome to Chinatown (over a photo of the Opera House)
Sydney more Asian than European


So journalism would be saved if Fairfax were to disappear from the Earth because… shit headlines?


I notice The Age today dedicated six pages to census data. Seems a bit excessive, given the Herald Sun only has two pages of coverage.


And that’s why I pay to read The Age ahead of the competition. Much more in depth coverage than the other rag.


But it’s so more easier to consume when someone else has already done the analysis for you!