Nine Publishing (formerly Fairfax)

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Good on you. I agree. Saturday Paper used as a sop for the whingers at the merged Fairfax.

Interesting that The Saturday Paper offers such a low subscription to retain customers yet is stinging new customers.


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Personally, I hope the ACM titles will be purchased by someone who isn’t News Corp or Seven West Media.



In some areas of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane & Perth, as well as Southern WA, there is already both an ACM & News Corp local newspaper sharing the same circulation area.

Here are the ACM titles on the link below:

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The Fairfax community newspapers in Sydney have long been relatively thin in comparison to the News Corp local papers. It’s the News real estate listings that helped fatten their papers despite the supposed prominence of Fairfax’s Domain. Admittedly I haven’t looked at the papers for a couple of years. But I do wonder if the ex-Fairfax community papers have any worth.

The Canberra, Newcastle and Wollongong papers might be attractive to someone.

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An interesting revelation on tonight’s episode of Media Watch, in which Paul Barry revealed that according to an article by Alan Kohler on The Weekend Australian last July, the great success of Married At First Sight (or MAFS) caused Nine’s share price to lift by 50% “almost overnight”, essentially allowing them to take over Fairfax.

Source: Media Watch, 18th February 2019



Nine News political editor Chris Uhlmann begins his regular column in SMH and The Age today. His first article is on China’s rise as a regional power.

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Did this make the news? Can’t say I’ve ever heard of him or this.



The defamation case was widely reported on Chinese language newspapers around Australia.



So…very niche.

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According to The Australian, Nine CEO Hugh Marks is planning to have The Age and Australian Financial Review to move to Nine’s Docklands offices on the western side of Southern Cross Station. (The Age and AFR are currently located at Media House, across the street from southern side of the station) Nine’s managing director of publishing Chris Janz told staff last Friday he is hoping the papers will finalise a move to Nine’s Melbourne TV studios by June, and they will have a separate floor with purpose-built fit-out.

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The addition of, which includes 9Honey, (Wide World of Sports online) and, means it is clear the Herald and The Age are there for subscribers, along with the Financial Review, while the Nine suite of websites hits the mass market, Janz said.



Fascinating listening to this:

Caught the tail end of it, will listen in full. Being a ‘word first’, guess it will be appealed by The Age on the grounds of policy/floodgates.



RNZ’s Mediawatch covered this last Sunday. Interesting that the problem is only starting to be dealt with now (other than treating it with heavy drinking).

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Bit awkward



He’s wasting his money buying the now rubbish paper to even have a chance to discover this.



Nine launched the iPhone and Android apps for both SMH and The Age today. As they say, better late than never.
Like the SMH and The Age websites, the app has a limited number of free articles, and you will have to subscribe when you reach the limit.



The SMH and Age website paywalls are made of mist. The AFR paywall is better but is still flimsy. News Corp has very tight paywalls, which is probably why the free is their number 1 site.