Nine Publishing (formerly Fairfax)

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Newspapers always did this and no one complained.

Content on Fairfax sites is currently geared toward optimising clicks for ad revenue. I agree it’s a bad thing that this has happened but Fairfax has been generally terrible at getting people to pay for their product.

I like the way News Corp mastheads have done it: certain articles are open to everyone, but most if not all are completely locked behind a wall unless you’re a subscriber. AFR does it too, showing that Fairfax has the idea, but for some reason SMH and Age seem to be a lot easier to circumvent so people don’t bother subbing.


Illawarra Mercury will launch digital subscriptions from Tuesday 2nd October.


Michael Idato’s interview with Serena Williams. Idato doesn’t appear to have claimed it’s an exclusive.



The merger of Fairfax’s NZ operations and NZME has been rejected for the third time. Today the Court of Appeal ruled the merger could not proceed.


The sale of parts of Fairfax NZ, say the radio network, and shutting down some smaller newspapers may now be options?


The radio network is part of NZME.


Ok. Didn’t read it properly …


Fairfax Media owns 55.5% of MacQuarie Media Limited hence the moment Nine Entertaiunment and Fairfax Media Liomited merge the new company will called Nine and Part of that company will be MacQuarie Media Limited


Fairfax are in a battle to the bottom in Brisbane, they know being free is only thing keeping them competitive.

Do you remember the outrage MediaWatch conveyed regarding Wagga’s newspaper going paywal some months ago? A disgruntled reader or three began cutting and pasting stories to Facebook to stick it up them.

Of course, that’s of little consequence considering the embarrassment that the Wagga Fairfax paper brought upon themselves with reporting of late as also outlined on Mediawatch.

THis was on Mediawatch last week, total PR disaster, it was a scam for some client of a PR firm which couldn’t organise a drink in a brewery.

No loss, they’ve already wrecked the best of it, how could it be missed by all but the most belligerent.

NZME’s radio network looks great on paper and great if you live in a big market and know no better, however like the newspapers, localism was wrecked and you have the SCA approach to destroying years of brand value at their own demise.

Your point? @Jason_Andrew_Toppin ???

NEC will simply take over the shareholding that Fairfax has in MML/MRN.

What 9 does with that share will be interesting.

They have the controlling share, but not full control.

Fairfax has, as all too often post 1987, been present but not participating.

Singo and his mate with the remaining minority stake have been running it as their own personal fiefdom.

The Clark Kent lookalike from the days of Fairfax radio, Adam Lang has behaved himself to do whatever they want of him in order to keep his job and so have many others.

9 will have different ideas. They will either fix MRN or flick their controlling stake to others.

The ego of Singo and others would have you thinking they’ll buy back their stake at the right price which considering their lack of success in selling the business (five out of seven assets an albatross on the books and ongoing success reliant on existing staff with no succession plan, who’d blame them) is a baffling decision (aside from ego and self interest).

9 of course would prefer to next acquire their regional affiliate SCA and in doing so, pick up the FM metro networks which despite the current disaster in Sydney are a more sustainable business.


Rumour has it that Brisbane Times will soon have a metered model in line with SMH/The Age


Metred or metered?


Look, if you don’t know what a metred model is, that’s not my problem :wink:


Yes, it is necessary. Watch the numbers in Brisbane shift to the ABC news website as those who don’t pay shift there.


Which is why Brisbane and Queensland is one of the best performing states in terms of paid subscriptions for another news organisation…


Fairfax will publish a 72-page glossy Traveller magazine on cruising this Saturday. It will be free with The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald.


Epic fail from Benjamin Law.


It probably had little to do with Benjamin Law and more to do with sloppy editors at Fairfax.

No idea how they made the typo “Irvine Welsh” though :laughing:


The merger is dead after Fairfax and NZME decided against appealing the Court of Appeal’s ruling.


Rightly so, a good result for a country already lacking media diversity.