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Last Wednesday the bank tweeted: Heads up! We’re running maintenance on goMoney, Grow & internet banking this Sun from 1AM-6AM (AEDT). Apologies in advance"

What bright spark thought that was a good idea on grand final weekend?

Internet outages are becoming front-page news affecting customers from banks to airlines, and even the ASX, which lost a whole day of trading in the past year.

The most recent that got the ire of the world was when Netflix users were left stranded mid-show during the new season of Game of Thrones.

The outage was caused by the high demand from the legal streaming services around the globe, which caused it to crash.

What a load of crap. Everyone here knows that failure was Foxtel, and it had nothing to do with separate streaming systems in other countries.

Just pathetic.


The Age horse racing writer Patrick Bartley has been accused of making an anti-Semitic comment to Melbourne Racing Club racing general manager Jake Norton at a Spring Racing Carnival luncheon. Bartley is also understood to have had another verbal showdown with incoming Melbourne Racing Club chief executive Josh Blanksby. After a meeting between Norton, Blanksby, The Age editor-in-chief Alex Lavelle, sports editor Chloe Saltau and Bartley, Lavelle assured the MRC that Bartley would not attend the Caulfield Guineas tomorrow, but Bartley denied he made the slur nor that he has been banned.


West Indies cricket star Chris Gayle appeared at the NSW Supreme Court today as the defamation trial against Fairfax began. The barrister representing Gayle told the jury the allegation published in January 2016 that his client exposed to a female masseuse at the World Cup in 2015 was “completely false”.


Fairfax editorial director Sean Aylmer resigned from the company yesterday after more than 20 years. During his time at Fairfax he worked in various roles, including New York correspondent, managing editor, and editor in chief of BRW and then The Sydney Morning Herald. He also cut more than 200 jobs in two stints.


The jury of three women and one man determined it was not true that Gayle exposed his genitals to Leanne Russell and indecently propositioned her in the West Indies team dressing room during a training session at the 2015 World Cup.

The jury also found Fairfax was motivated by malice when it published the allegations in a series of articles in The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age and the Canberra Times.


I saw Chloe Saltau (The Age sport editor)'s byline on a Ten News report, of the Gayle story tonight.

Not a good look.

Rebel and now Gayle, defamation gone nuts!


Fairfax may appeal the verdict?


I notice websites of several Fairfax regional titles (e.g. Newcastle Herald, Illawarra Mercury, Ballarat Courier, Bendigo Advertiser) have received a facelift and now share a similar look as that of SMH website.

Also, at a special meeting before this morning’s annual general meeting, Fairfax shareholders have overwhelmingly approved the spin-off and partial listing of Domain.


Fairfax will axe 6 suburban newspapers in Western & North-Western Sydney, to be replaced by a new magazine for the city’s north west in the new year. This will leave News Corp’s NewsLocal to have a monopoly in the suburban newspaper market.


The Fairfax papers have long been less than half the thickness of the News titles. In Penrith there is still the independently owned Western Weekender.


Domain made its debut on the ASX this morning with shares opening at $3.80, meaning the company had a market capitalisation of close to $2.2 billion.


Fairfax partially selling off their best asset still has me bewildered. I’m guessing it’s part of the reason for the axing of some of the free Sydney suburban papers as the Domain real estate listings made up most of the contents.


Domain’s ASX code is DHG for those who are interested. Its shares peaked today at $3.98 before closing at $3.69.


In March 1989, Bernie Lagan an SMH NSW state parliament reporter swipped some Arnotts Iced Vo Vos, Chocolate Creams, Monte Carlos, and Adora Cream Wafer biscuits from the nearby AAP office. The saga is detailed here.


Perhaps the thief should’ve been stealing typewriter ribbons. I wonder how far away that office was from using word processors? Even my humble little high school was using AppleWorks and a dot matrix printer to give certain assignments a professional look from about 1987. Fairfax always did have trouble keeping up with the times.


The Age launched a new look on Monday, with new fonts for section and article headings, and three pages of world news. I quite like it.




As has SMH.


Caroline Wilson is stepping down as chief AFL writer for The Age after 19 years, but will remain as a regular AFL columnist for the paper. Jake Niall, who worked for The Age for 20 years before joining Fox Footy in 2016, will return to the paper next year as chief AFL writer.


Announced this afternoon: HuffPost Australia’s joint venture with Fairfax Media has come to an end.