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Looks like the websites of The Age and SMH have been tweaked to force people who have ad blockers installed on their browsers to accept ads. If they don’t disable ad blockers for these sites they can’t even see the homepage.


fair enough.


doesnt seem to be an issue here


No issue on my mobile, no ads and seeing all the stories fine.


It only occurs when you browse the websites on a desktop or laptop.


Looks to be more white around the stories but I don’t use an ad blocker so still seeing the ads.


Well obviously.


I was commenting on the appearance looking more white. I look at the thing daily, it looks different to yesterday.


No problem on my Windows 10 laptop; I’m using uBlock Origin, tested with Mozilla Firefox & Google Chrome, fine on both.

Oh, and it’d be fine if Fairfax Media had an online-only paid subscription option, but they don’t so no, annoying me with ads is not OK.


Same here. I have adblock and one white space I see is where I assume the ads would normally be.


I have NoScript installed on Firefox for 4-5 years and it has been successful in blocking out the ads until now.


Never really understood this entitlement that advertising should be blocked. It’s largely how these sites are funded.


That’s what angers me too. I leave adblock off because there’s no other way for things to be paid for other than subscriptions. If there are too many ads on a site, I make sure not to give them business in the future.

Adblock is selfish imo.


Well, when they start gathering information about websites you visit and then use it to target you with specific adverts for the same old things on sites all over the internet, it become a worry. It starts feeling a lot like Big Brother in 1984.

Don’t worry. They keep coming up with sneaky ways to get around AdBlock so we can’t avoid them completely.


You use Facebook yeah? You have a GMail account or at least a Google Account or Youtube account?

Then you’ve already given Facebook and Google (the two biggest advertising providers) all of your information, which they then sell onto third parties. Adblock doesn’t mean shit.


It stops me seeing the shit. :wink:


I don’t believe it started that early, I think it was around 2001 on Channel Ten when that started. Although Big Brother in the 80’s would have been great to watch, the mullets and all that.


Are you trying to be smart or just ignorant?


Just trying to have a joke.


I see. Can’t tell with some of the nippers on here sometimes. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: