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Fairfax posted a net profit rise of 7.6% in the last financial year even though total revenue dropped 5% to $1.732 billion. The company’s EBITDA (earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation) fell 4.3% to $271.1 million, but net profit went up by 7.6% to $142.6 million. Restructuring and redundancy charges cost $43.8 million, down from $62.7 million the previous year.


Matlock, recalled this post of yours the other day regarding the media enthusiastically reporting violence at a protest between two groups as “terrorism”.

Anyone shed some light on why Fairfax fails to mention the word terror anywhere in the smh headlines after today’s ACTUAL terrorist attack in Barcelona?

Not to mention this pathetic attempt from The Age:


In fact, internationally, look at the difference between how The Times reports it:


…and how the New York Times uses weasel words to minimise the impact by saying “what the Police called a terrorist attack”. What, otherwise, the NYT don’t have functioning brains and eyes without the Police? And if that is what the Police said (and if they only wait on Police confirmation)…why not just state so then?



Total sickos at the NYT and Fairfax.


Oh now we have some amendments (of course “terror attack” is less important than random moon pig river word jumble tweet from Trump :roll_eyes: )


lol at the report of Daesh claiming responsibility. Of course they would.


Fairfax has appointed Shona Martyn as the new editor of Spectrum supplement for The Age and SMH. Martyn is a former editor of Good Weekend and has been publishing director of HarperCollins Publishers for more than 17 years.


Hahaha, what a pathetically obvious, transparent attempt at getting more of Waleed and Carrie’s far left propaganda onto Australian TV:

  1. This piece of analysis is literally the 5th ranked headline at the moment…INSANELY specific look at one timeslot, on one channel, on one day of the week…I wouldn’t even expect any article on the topic…let alone one of the main national headlines, lol!
  2. The Project was the start of Ten’s rating woes…imagine thinking it is in any way a solution. :roll_eyes:


Truly, of all the biased, bizarre and nonsense articles I’ve highlighted on this site from Fairfax, I think that is the most ridiculous.


This is the main headline in Politics at the moment. You’d think that’s someone’s reaction to Trump’s strategy announcement, no?


The reality? The complete opposite.

Afghanistan veteran Chris May…said many soldiers felt the previous coalition draw down had been premature.

Mr May…said when Diggers he knew saw parts of Oruzgan province retaken by the Taliban after Australia withdrew, “a part of their heart fell out because blood, sweat and tears went into fighting on that ground”.

There’s clickbait…and then there’s constant anti-Trump biased clickbait.

For anyone still confused about what “fake news” means…


go to any news limited site and see the crap they pump out. of course though as a rabid right wing firetorch doesn’t see the propaganda they crank out…


Not sure how many times I have to say on this site that News Limited publishes shit of the highest order, aimed at bogans.


Aimed at the far right.

They are far worse than the far left imo.


Fairfax has renamed its NZ division as Stuff (after the popular website in the country) and appointed Sinead Boucher as CEO of the business.


The Daily Tele? Aimed at the far right? LOL. It’s primary readers are NRL supporting bogans.


what’s the difference? :wink:

Oh… and I’m regretting clicking on this little bit of clickbait. 30 seconds I won’t get back again.


Whichever anonymous Fairfax Media media release transcriber put up this one missed a bit when recycling a previous story/post…


The Traveller liftout will celebrate its 10th anniversary this weekend with a glossy 48-page magazine which will reveal the 10 destinations of the decade as chosen by the editors, writers and readers. It is one of my favourite sections from The Sun-Herald each Sunday.


New look BrisbaneTimes is live.


When your second top headline is mocking clickbait directed at people drowning, you know your publication is a turd:



The Age senior editor Mark Hawthorne has been promoted to the newly created role of publisher, Victoria, for Metro Publishing. He was the national business editor for The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald.