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Oh and not sure if I mentioned the other day - but these radio ratings reports aren’t given one of the most prominent slots on the front page either.


Are you sure of that? On ratings day they possibly do.


Personally, have not come across them in the top headlines, as that one was - I check the site daily at the same time, although not consistently throughout each day.


Depends which site you’re looking at. SMH isn’t going to give prominence to a Perth ratings story but you can be pretty sure anything with Hamish and Andy in the headline will rank a prominent place on The Age website.


Perhaps, from the point of view that readers are actually interested in Hamish and Andy themselves - the report wouldn’t be couched in terms of someone from the ABC “battling” them in their drive time slot - and then that plastered as a main headline.


The radio ratings were one of the top stories for part of that day on SMH, then replaced with other news that afternoon.


I know I’ll be clicking this bait (not)… :confused:


Admittedly that’s pretty low down and no doubt (I’ve not clicked either) redirecting to Domain. I really don’t get the fascination with the former speech pathologist.


Urgh, Daily Mail has almost daily articles like that on her. Her publicist must be amazing at what they do.


Roxy Jacenko is the same in Sydney newspapers. Seriously. Why do people even care?

  • looks good in revealing frock
  • married to AFL footballer
  • appears on television

she ticks all the click bait boxes

Apart from appearing in a reality show a while back I wouldn’t even have a clue who she is or what she does.


Domain has appointed Chris Kohler, editor of The Australian’s business blog BusinessNow and son of ABC finance commentator Alan Kohler, to the newly created role of business editor. His role will include covering the national banking sector, financial markets, consumer affairs and personal finance, skewed to a real estate perspective.


Today The Age is trying to be Woman’s Day:


Very tabloid. Tomorrow they’ll tell us she’s having triplets!


This is what’s really behind the attempts to humiliate and undermine Whittaker by publishing these stills. They’re hardly private, but the effort required to go through and capture them purely for the purpose of embarrassing her (You think you can just do that to me?! You think I’d let you get away with that?!) makes this even more of a petty, vindictive display.

Publishing nude stills from Whittaker’s past work isn’t just an act of disparagement from a low-rent newspaper currying favour with its rankled male readership. It’s also a reminder that no matter the heights her career ascends to (or any woman’s career in front of the camera, for that matter), she can always be reduced to the naked ingenue being instructed to strip off for an invisible audience.

But…but…The Sun and British tabloids also post nude pics of male stars too…

And they also post TV stills of male nudes too…


Seriously, is there anyone at Fairfax that does quality control on her articles, or this idiot just allowed to rant incoherently no matter what? Where are the journalistics standards here?


Click bait wins over substance it seems


Good example of how Fairfax dresses up Labor’s identity politics with a clickbait headline. The real headline attached to the article, below. Why the need for the discrepancy? The second headline is even easier to fit into the headlines.


One of their top headlines currently is this article by a freelance writer, which is probably the most horribly worded piece of writing I’ve seen. Just look at this opening paragraph:

With the increasing casualisation of the workforce, particularly in the retail sector, and a high demand for young and therefore cheap employees, it is no secret that a significant number of the retail workers you see in your local shops and department stores are teenagers and university students.


Seems that the Green Guide has stopped including regional variations in its TV listings. This possibly happened a while ago. I realise the number of such variations is negligible but thought it would be fairly cost neutral?

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