Nine On-Air Presentation


My country has it, #myfriends (still in use as of 2018). It is called as “You are watching… animation/effect”


Aussie channels are required by law to show the classification rating and identify the program and channel at the start of each part though, aren’t they? So they’ve always needed to use graphics of some sort, even if the program title is burnt in. It’s as much about regulations as about tradition. Though the PRGs are now a big part of branding a channel, whereas initially they were just there to serve a purpose and keep the regulator happy, and networks would use a bland font and white 2D logo.

In the UK, it’s common practice to have a burnt in title card at the start and end of each part, because when commercial television began the ITA (later IBA) stipulated there had to be a clear way for the viewers to differentiate between program(me) and commercial. Slides were used for this purpose for movies or imports without any bumper supplied. Regulation has changed in recent years but this practice largely remains except on cable/satellite channels. Sky One in its early days and more recently ABC1 (affiliated to the American network) were two of the few channels to use PRG-style graphics in the lower third on return from breaks.


Yes, but not at the start of the program as @sully suggests. Only after the ad break is a PRG shown.


Not sure if this has been mentioned here already, but I saw a promo for the 2018 ARIA Awards earlier this evening and the Nine logo at the end of the promo was in 2D. The logo didn’t have the “glossy” look to it either; it was just a 2D orange logo.


‘Hay Mate’ Themed Sponsor Billboard:


Hold up…since when Mario Lopez hosted Family Food Fight?! :stuck_out_tongue:


Something I was meaning to mention last night: Ten (or 10) isn’t the only network with a “Bohemian Rhapsody” Movie Tie-In Ident…


What a copy cat act! Fark really!


Haha, I knew you’d say that!

But in general, I would’ve thought that concepts for Sponsored/Movie Tie-In Idents get offered to all three networks. I can only guess that both Nine & Ten decided to take up the “Bohemian Rhapsody” offer.


Credit Union Christmas Pageant on Nine SA. Presented by Brenton Ragless and Kate Collins

Jesus, Father Christmas has sure slimmed down!


The Synergy Xmas Light Trail promo on Nine Perth feat. Scherri-Lee Biggs

And Your Money’s Auction Day promo on Nine as well


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‘The Santa Clause’ Ident:


The sad thing is, that might be as close as we’ll get to a decent Christmas Ident from Nine this year.

Surely I can’t be the only one who’s expecting either nothing or a rerun of the “Dancing Bauble Man” IDs this festive season? Oh how I miss the days when they’d get network personalities involved…


They certainly were nothing to write home about.


Is that not just a generic Christmas ID, as Nine have been leaders at doing for years now?

I don’t see any offical or clear reference to Disney’s “The Santa Clause” (which incidently Nine have acquired)?

You had inverted commas, hence this comment, otherwise I would’ve assumed you just meant a generic Santa


“…Santa Clause is coming to Nine” - Yeah, I reckon that has to be a promotional thing!

If it were a generic Christmas Ident, I somehow doubt Nine would heavily feature snow (yes there was 2009 but that was kind of meant to be a tie-in for the 2010 Winter Olympics) in it.


Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t that Tim Allen dressed as Santa in that snow globe?

Now, which movie did he play that character in… :thinking:


Uhh yes there is, the second clip is from the ending of “The Santa Clause 2”


Thanks for the correction, I didn’t have the volume on, Doh! :pensive: I also couldn’t quite make out Tim Allen (thought it was a doll!) so I think Sully needs glasses and Zampa has a photographic memory too.