Nine Olympic Coverage

Olympics promo aired with a sponsor billboard at the end. First time I’ve seen that.



Do Nine have any broadcast partners who are not also AOC and/or IOC partners?

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The branding on Nine’s coverage is the official Paris 2024 look


Maybe not yet, but they’ll come. There are restrictions around the use of Olympians and terms like “Olympics” that mean that having broadcast partners that are also AOC or IOC partners makes some sense


What sort of stuff will be in prime time for Australia?

8pm AEST is 11am Paris. I’m going to say Swimming Heats

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Most people will be catching up via on-demand

Only if they hear an Australian got a medal, namely Gold or if an event was a record breaker or thriller of some sort. And I’d say most would be interested in swimming and athletics as usual. There’ll be keen interest in the men’s and women’s soccer and basketball teams too.

Even still, I think many viewers will just wait for a replay or highlights in Nine News or prime time session when they get home from work/school.

Paris will be in CEST (Central European Summer Time; UTC+2), so 8pm AEST will actually be midday in Paris, not that an hour makes much difference.


Not much, especially since many events will likely be held in evening and late nights in Paris since the IOC allows NBC to influence the scheduling of events so key events like swimming finals can be shown live in primetime in the US.

You’ll still find some decent daytime events airing here in prime time. Obviously not the big finals but a good chunk of live action will occur here from 7pm AEST.


Prime time (Eastern) in the US is like past midnight Paris time. I don’t think events will be held that late but swimming finals should be at night Paris time unlike the mornings in Tokyo & probably Brisbane too

IIRC some events in Rio were held around 11pm, so they may do the same in Paris.

But surely not 12-1am since that’s when it’s 7pm Eastern states

Hopefully not. But I would assume they would schedule it as late as possible, so NBC can show it live or near live. Either way, expect NBC to tape delay events for primetime.

IIRC in Sydney 2000, NBC Today would report on results of events before they aired in the US, as some events didn’t air for almost 18 hours due to the time difference (primetime in Aus was early morning in US).

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Swimming finals will be at 7pm Paris time with NBC airing it live. For 2032, the finals could be at mid morning AEST to enable a live broadcast in primetime US time. 11am Brisbane is 9pm on the East Coast.

2028 the finals will be around 5pm which is 9pm on the East meaning West Coasters on the PDT timezone will have to watch while getting home from work.

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NBC will be taking a different approach for the Paris Olympics whereby the emphasis will be on showing live coverage throughout the day (the timezone difference means things such as the swimming + track and field finals can be shown in the afternoon on the US East Coast) and not saving events for primetime.


I love the idea NBC has of a hosted feed modelled on NFL Red Zone.

Wish 9 would do something like that.


NRMA Insurance is not an AOC partner. But it co-sponsors Nine’s Road to Paris podcast which debuts today (see Podcasts thread).

Here is the link to the full list of AOC partners (it includes IOC partners)