Nine News Regional


Central West promo


so im guessing nine news western Victoria will be march 6th?


News Update


Longer version of the promo


Where the hell is that background photo from, looks like Orange, but the average viewer wouldn’t have a clue. Does not represent the Central West in any way


Wow Nine, I’m sure there’s more to the central west area than a tree!


“Nine News Central West, LIVE at the outside park in the Central West area.” :stuck_out_tongue:


That photo is a bit too generic, looks like it could’ve been taken in almost any small town.

In any case, I’d like to say a big thanks to Abesty for his absolutely impressive capturing efforts lately which I’m sure have been much appreciated by Media Spy. Keep up the good work! :slight_smile: :thumbsup:


Here we go


It’s the corner of Byng and Sale streets in Orange, but I agree, far too generic for a news backdrop. Even the Mitchell Highway through Orange would have been more recognisable.


Wow, the first 2 stories are irrelevant to the Central West, pathetic. Also great job for posting all these caps super fast, your efforts are hugely appreciated.


Local window


The 1st two are not local, the local window was yet to come; 9News Canberra had the welcome to Central West viewers, the naked idiot in Sydney, the other dullusional idiot in (running) the USA, etc.

I’m still annoyed by the stupid 9News transition right after the 9News opener, and the pathetic total lack of per-story backgrounds.


So basically all the same things that were occurring when Canberra launched, is still happening now? Like crap content control etc?


Oh I see, thanks for clearing that up, switched to WIN NEWS anyway


Looks like so many places in inland Australia. Why the autumn tones? - seems a strange choice.


Almost nothing’s changed; the chair was replaced, the timing has been better, the basics are there but the polish is missing.

All I can hope is that after they’ve got all the Sthn NSW regional areas onboard they may see about removing the unnecessary full-screen 9News transitions, and adding per-story backgrounds (at least initially for the live/across-all-areas stories).

I’ve given up on them doing the extra work anytime soon to pre-record openers with headlines for each region, and mixing in the pre-break theme so it can end on-time instead of the fade out while still going thing they’re currently doing. They’re too lazy to even change the backgrounds to something better (from what’s been said here they’re all bad, and I’ve certainly had enough of the constant image of Capital Hill; Canberra isn’t just about the federal parliament).


The background used in every region so far is nothing short of embarrassing. If they’re not going to do story graphics, just use the national background loop used on the weekend 5pm news and ditch the revolting key.


And another Sydney local news story filler. :disappointed:


Promo for Western Vic just aired “live and local” was the tag. complete with footage of a NSW Police car. In fact it has the same stock footage as all the NSW promos I’ve seen on here.