Nine News Regional


Don’t Forget Colac (11,000).


“9 News Victoria” will go out to about 1.2 million people - just slightly less than “9 News Adelaide”

The sub-market populations for the breakaway local segments in rank order are:

  1. Ballarat 352k
  2. Albury / Shepparton 364k
  3. Gippsland 236k
  4. Bendigo 235k


And Sometimes Drysdale if you point the Antenna towards Highton, In the Past, it would be for Cricket Matches from Melbourne.


Ok there’s probably no need to list every town that comes under the coverage footprint :wink:


As long as Ayr, n ear Townsville is in a footprint I think we are sweet


In b4 Matlock makes a meta


Judging from the videos of 9 news SNSW / ACT, the newsroom should look more similar to the NBN newsroom but with updated Australia map and the 9 news logo, not the current Canberra and Illawarra picture, and the OTS should look similar to the ones in NBN News. Also they should include headlines between the opener and start of news bulletins.


So judging by the Prime7 PR…

Nine News Illawarra did even worse this week, than what the Canberra bulletin did last week :confused:

Big struggle against the competition so far it seems.

It will be even worse in Riverena & Ballarat!

For people who live in Canberra or Wollongong TV sub-market, what are the biggest issues with Nine’s new regional bulletin(s)?


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The flat and dull presentation. At least the guy on WIN cracks a smile when he says good night.


And Vanessa, while not a bad presenter, was not the right choice for a 6pm bulletin.


While I certainly agree that the On-Air Presentation standards of the new regional editions of Nine News isn’t quite on the level of what we’ve come to expect from their metropolitan bulletins in recent years, I’d say it’s only slightly worse than the presentation standards of Nine Gold Coast News…and that bulletin goes out to a semi-metro area!

Yes, I agree. While Vanessa O’Hanlon is a decent presenter and a good get by Nine, from what I’ve seen so far it feels too much like we’re seeing a weather presenter filling in on the news.

Nine really should’ve offered the Southern NSW/ACT newsreader position to Danielle Post, especially with her history on WIN News (lets be honest, Nine need to try and get WIN News viewers watching their new regional services) and being familiar to viewers especially in the key Illawarra and Canberra markets.

IMO, Vanessa would probably be better presenting the weather on Today or Nine News Sydney - we all know how desperately those segments could do with a bit of credibility!


9News needs to up their game with the regional bulletins, and after that it’ll still take time for viewing habits to change.


Mission Beach near Townsville, Ayr nea- banned by Bort


Aaaah, that would explain why my post in the “Jacket gate” thread regarding Amber Sherlock and that three letter town near Townsville that we apparently can’t mention got deleted!!


Mission Beach is no where near Townsville.
It’s in the Cairns viewing area.



Ah so it’s “Mission Beach, near Cairns.”


Didn’t think Mimi Becker was going to head back out that way… interesting. She sure did seem happy working at the COS desk back in May last year very friendly and outgoing.


Thank goodness and don’t come back under another name.